Stadium Class of 1961 2001

Here are some of the pictures taken at the Stadium Class of '61 reunion on October 13th, 2001.

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Class of 1961 2001

Andy Artz, Lee Gleason

Andy Artz at the bulletin board

Andy Artz and Louann Sizer

Barbara Hanson, Rich Koch and Mr. Owen

Barbara Hanson, Rich Koch

Bob Barnes, Andy Artz

Bob Barnes, Lynn McCormick

Bob Barnes

Carl Kliese, Betty Bishop

Charlie Williams, Ed Elliott

Charlie Williams, Fred Richmond, Martin Brazier

Charlie Williams

Kay Carr, Valerie Weinker, Ron Kuhne , Rick Perkins

The "Committee"

Dave Frick, Jonathan Haley, Ralph Decker

Dave Worthington, Gretchen Vadheim, Judy Wagner

David Sinding, Sally Myles, Gordy Curran

Leslie and David Sinding

Diana Chapman and husband Mr. Owen

Doug Klippert, Fred Staatz

Doug Klippert, Fred Staatz, Judy Dawson

Elaine Cook and Bud Lefler

Ernie Carino and Delores Weller

Fred and Lily Richmond, Dave Worthington

Fred Richmond, Ron Kuhne

Gayle Gunderson, Sally Myles, Fred Richmond

Geneva Livermore, Wendell Brown, Judy Bailey

Glen Marzano, Katie Marzano, Sally Myles

Gordy and Mary Curran

Andy Artz, Ron Kuhne, Lona Jorgenson, Dave Frick, Ernie Carino

Rick Perkins, Kathy Wheeler, Pat Garrison, Elaine Forina, Delores Salatino, Carol Hren

Marty Brazier, Shirley Cleveland, Nona Brazier, Oddvar Ronhovde, Sharleen Kvamme

Kenny Goodwin, Connie Angelas, Barbara Hanson, Leanne Cromheeecke

Karen Tiege (Wilson), David Haley, Lynn McCormick, Ed Elliott

Ed Poyneer, Bob Barnes, Jonathan Haley, David haley, Kay Carr, Ed Elliott

Jim Lorey

Jonne Keizer, Sally Smith, Roberta Robinson

Pom Pom, Judy Dawson, Gary Brueher

Kim Lenz, Judy Wagner, BJ Will

Lee Anderson, Fred Mann

Lee Anderson, Sally Myles

Lona Jorgenson, Gayle Gunderson, Lily Richmond, Val Wienker

Lynn McCormick and Dave Frick

Lynn McCormick and Phil Radcliffe, David Sinding

Lynn McCormick,Wendell Brown,Geneva Livermore

Merle Weightman,Geneva Livermore

Mike Costanti, Mr and Mrs Glen Marzano

Mr and Mrs Ralph Decker

Phil Radcliffe and Lee Gleason

Mr McLean and Pat Hayden

Mr Nutter and Lettie Schaller

Sharleen Kvamme, Oddvar Ronhovde

Linnie and Ed Poyneer

Linda Kurtz, Ray Rollings

Rick Perkins, Kathy Wheeler

Mr and Mrs Robert Trent

Karen Kuhne, Sherry Feek

Sally Myles, Carl Kliese

Sally Myles, Gayle Gunderson

Shirley Cleveland, JaeDene Olson

Steve Gierke, Rick Perkins