Stadium Class of 1961 2001

This is the second page of photos from the October 13th Reunion.
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Bill Sommerville, Ed Elliot

Bob Heacox, Doug Klippert

Bob Trent, Delores Weller

Bob Trent, Rick Perkins

Bob Barnes, Gayle Gunderson, Lynn McCormick, Wendell Brown, Ernie Carino

Carol Hren

Charlie Williams, David Haley

Charlie Williams, Ralph Decker

Ed Elliott, Mrs Elliott, Steve Gierke, Susan Gierke

Mrs and Mrs Ed Elliott

Gay Roket (Wilson), Joanne Swanson Anderson

Judy Wagner, Sue Hutchinson (Wilson), Kay Carr, Kim Lenz, BJ Wills

Group 14

Mrs Williams, Fred Richmond, Marty Brazier, Nona Brazier

Group 16

Kenny Goodwin, Connie Angelas, Barbara Hanson, Leanne Cromheecke

Mike and Mrs Brennan, Betty Bishop

Fred Staatz, Roberta Robinson, Ilo Sather, Sally Smith

Rod Thomas, Joy Holm, Lee Gleason,

Group 9

Joanne Swanson Anderson, Fred Mann,

Jonathan Haley, Judy Bailey, Karen Teitge (Wilson)

Judy Dawson, Gary Breuher,

Judy Wagner, BJ Will, Bill Sommerville

Karen Tiege (Wilson), Dave Worthington

Lona Jorgenson

Marty and Nona Brazier

Mike Costanti

Pam Drahold, Bob Heacox, Doug Klippert

Phil Radcliffe, Ted Fick, Susan Hall, Lee Kloeppel

Ralph Brown

Nona Brazier, Oddvar Ronhovde, Sharleen Kvamme

Mr and Mrs Mike Brennan

Rick Perkins

Ron Kuhne, Lynn McCormick, Bob Barnes, Delores Weller

Ruth Mattingly

Steve Gierke, Fred Mann, Carol Hren, Rick Perkins

Susan Hall, Kay Carr

Susi Warden

Sherry Feek, Jonne Keizer, John Feek