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Data Input and Analysis
Data Warehouse Risk Analysis Spreadsheet
This demo file will be downloaded
Data Labels
Data Pig
A Datapig is any Data Analyst who makes a living managing databases, analyzing data trends, and developing reporting tools.
The tools of choice for most Data Analysts is without question Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. The Data Management and Rapid Application Development capabilities of Access and Excel allow Data Analysts to build flexible, low cost reporting tools and applications in short development cycles. Every now and then, we all have to turn to the internet to help us with that one bit of cod. Websites and books by developers like John Walkenbach and Allen Browne have saved me from being fired many many times. Like most Datapigs, I've found my bits of knowledge by riding the "GOOGLE" rollercoaster. Trial and error has led me to some very useful stuff.
So for my part, I have attempted to create a repository of my favorite places to get knowledge. I hope you can use this Website as a convenient help center for your problems of the day. And I hope this site helps you keep your job for at least another two weeks.
Demonstrates different ways of calculating with dates in a worksheet.
This sub selects a series of dates (using InputBoxes to set the start/stop dates) from a table of consecutive dates, but only lists/copies the workday dates (Monday-Friday).
Dealing with Spreadsheet Bloat
Decision Models
The Excel Calculation Site. Excel's Calculation Process Excel does not calculate cells in a fixed order, or by Row or Column. Instead, Excel dynamically determines and remembers its own internal calculation sequence, which is based on dependencies and dependency trees and chains.
Decide what an INPUTBOX is supposed to return
Delete Range Names:
This sub deletes all of the range names in the current workbook. This is especially handy for converted Lotus 123 files.
Delete the links from a chart to the data range on a worksheet
Delink Chart Data
There are occasions when you may want to break the link between a chart and its underlying data. Maybe you copied the chart and pasted it into another workbook, and opening the other workbook brings up the dialog box asking whether you want to update the links to another workbook. This page describes ways you can make a copy of a chart that is not linked to the parent data.
Demonstrating sampling distributions in Excel
Determine the "real" UsedRange
on a worksheet.  (The UsedRange property works only if you have kept the worksheet "pure".
Digital Signature, Create Your Own Digital Certificate
Disable cut, copy and paste
Disable the multiple clips feature of MS Office 2000/2002
Disk Directories Recursive List Through Directories
Display Sheet name or Tab name
Displaying color coded up/down arrows in Excel with Reuters data
Double click the Fill Handle to Automatically Fill Data   
Download Support Republic's ultimate Excel compilation
This download contains more than 100 pages of Excel tips, tricks, and examples taken from 20 TechRepublic and TechProGuild articles and five TechRepublic downloads.
Drag-and-drop chart editing
Drawing aids
Duplicate Row, Remove Using Advanced Filter
Duplicate, Delete If Entire Row Equals Another
Dynamic chart: add new data and the chart expands
Dynamic Column Chart
How do you create a chart from a data range that will frequently change in size? Perhaps you collect weekly data, and would like the chart to automatically expand as each week's data is entered.
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) And NetDEE FAQ
Dynamic Ranges
Dynamic ranges are ideal for charts and Pivot Tables. If you have never used dynamic ranges in Excel then you WILL after reading about them here. If you have used them, then look here for some news ways and means. There are easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
Dynamic Chart Title
Dynamic Charts

E-commerce questionnaire spreadsheet
This demo file will be downloaded
Ed Ferrero
This page demonstrates the charting features of Microsoft Excel. The use of VBA to control chart objects is explored
Email from Excel
Send Workbooks, or Worksheets. How to avoid the "warning" in Outlook.
Also Excel Tips from Ron de Bruin.
Engineering Notation
Enhance the speed of your macros
Enter Excel functions visually
Enter fractions
Enter the Value of a Formula
To place the value (result) of a formula into a cell rather than the formula itself.
Entering the same in many cells
Enumerate addins()
Enumerate sheets()
Erlandsen Data
Illustrates some simple event procedures.
Excel 97/2002 YEARFRAC Difference
Excel 2000 limitations/specifications
Worksheet and workbook maximum and minimum limits
Excel 97 tips
Excel Chart Tips and Tricks
There are many little known tricks that can be used with Excel charts and these are just some of them. If you want your chart to update automatically, not plot zeros, or have scrolling charts etc, then you will find it here!
Excel Command Line Switches - Added 9/6/01
Excel Dynamic Named Ranges
Possibly one of Excels most underutilized aspects is its ability to create dynamic named ranges that will expand and contract according to the data in them.
Excel formula helper
Excel Formulas
This page will take you to lots of examples of Excels Formulas. It includes formulas for dates, times, text and numbers. Each page also includes some formula tips and tricks
Excel Newsletter Archive
Have a browse through our free Excel newsletter archives. Here you will find a bit of everything from basic shortcuts to VBA for Excel. If you like what you see then sign up, it's completely free!
Excel Resources
Excel Style Cleaner
Excel Tips and Tricks
This page consists of many tips and tricks you can use in Excel, from shortcut keys to working with formulas and functions. If you know of a good one, please let us know!
Excel's startup options (commandline)
Excel VBA.com

Financial ratios and PowerPoint presentation producer
Find Across Multiple Sheets
Find, VBA To Search Across Multiple Sheets
This is a sub that uses the Find method to find a series of dates and copy them to another worksheet.
Finding area under a curve - numerical integration
Fix Chart Font Scaling
Hate the way Excel mucks up your chart font sizes when you resize the chart? So do I, and here's how to counteract the default font scaling.
Fixed asset register
Flexible Log Scale
Floating Command Bar (text file)
This simple macro contains the code to build a floating command bar when the file is opened, and delete it when it is closed. The command bar has two popup menus, each of which have two command buttons. No documentation supplied. The text file that contains just the VBA code you need.
Floating bars in charts
FLSA Audit Program Spreadsheet
This demo file will be downloaded
Forcing Excel to display live data in 32nds
Forecasting Techniques
Formatting dates correctly with live data
Formlst.Xla And Simtools.Xla
Forms, Creating A Custom Form In Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office Developer Forum
Formula to display dates as Quarters
For-Next For-Each Loops:
Some basic (no pun intended) examples of for-next loops.
FREE Performance Comparison applet
FREE: Changing Yield Curve Applet
Function Names, Origin Of Excel Worksheets
Function examples, how to use built-in functions and user-defined functions.
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