Excel Solutions M-O

Make your Excel charts update dynamically
Making a linked picture of a cell range
Mark Henri
Scroll to the bottom of the page to find spreadsheets. Also look for the troubleshooting page.
Mass Transit Advertising Revenue Audit Program Spreadsheet
This demo file will be downloaded
McGimpsey's, J.E. XL Pages
Menus and toolbars
Create your own custom menus and toolbars, or customize the built-in menus and toolbars.
Merger Arbitrage Tick by Tick
Molar Mass calculator (demonstrates VLOOKUP)
Monte Carlo Integration
MonteCarlo Simulation
More examples of using "Select Case"
Mortgage Calculations
Move Minus Sign:
If you download mainframe files that have the nasty habit of putting the negative sign (-) on the right-hand side, this sub will put it where it belongs. I have seen much more elaborate routines to do this, but this has worked for me every time.
Move the minus sign from the back (right) to the front (left) of numbers
Multi Precision Floating Point Computing for EXCEL
How to use more than 15 digit precision. Plus 130 extra functions for arithmetic, trigonometric, logarithm, exponential calculus. Up to 200 significant digits.
Multiple Criteria Text Look-Up
Multiple Condition Tests
Multiple regression
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (Mime)
Multivariate probability distribution

Information from the Census to be used for lists and sample databases
Names In Workbook
Navigate Excel Sheets Faster
Net Present Value (NPV)
Newsgroup Statistics
Normal distribution random number generator
Number of Days, Months and Years Between Two Dates
Number Of Months Between Any Two Dates   

OLE automation
How to use OLE automation to control an application from another application.
One touch formula display
A simple example of using the OnEntry property.
Open a Text file, extract & write to new text file
Opening Excel workbooks automatically on startup
Operating system
Return information from the operating system.
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