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Passing Arguments:
An example of passing an argument to another sub.
Password Recovery
Have you ever forgotten your Excel workbook or sheet password? Here you can download an almost FREE Excel add-in that removes/cracks sheet and workbook password protection in Excel.
Paste an Excel Worksheet Range into PowerPoint
This procedure creates a new presentation in a new instance of PowerPoint, copies a range as a picture from an Excel worksheet, pastes it into the presentation, then saves and closes the presentation, and quits the instance of PowerPoint.
Pharmacy Review Spreadsheet
This demo file will be downloaded
Pivot Table Multiple Consolidation Example
Pivot Table Tutorial
Gantt charts and other planning tools.
Playing card probability
Playing with Shapes  
PLOT manager
Plotting with missing data
Polar chart
Polynomial regression. How can I fit my X, Y data to a polynomial using LINEST?
Populate a Dialog Box (written for Excel 7.0) -- Grabs data from all over a spreadsheet to display in dialog
Portfolio optimization
Portfolio Valuation Model for Bloomberg Subscribers
Post Balance Sheet Events Spreadsheet
This demo file will be downloaded
Preventing Duplicate Entry
Price and Volume Tick Chart for Bridge Subscribers
Print a multiple sheet workbook with page numbers
Printing Multiple Ranges On One Page (Posted Jun 3, 1999)
Various examples of different print situations.
Private profiles
Read and write private profile strings with INI-files and the Registry.
Probability Chart
Microsoft Excel does not offer a built in capability to chart probability data, but the technique described here allows you to simulate a probability scale along a chart axis (the vertical axis in this example).
Producing Statistical Tables Using Excel
Programming examples
Different useful programming examples for developers who create their own solutions.
Programming MS Access
Articles and presentations that target Access, Office, and SQL Server developers.
Putting a DropDown ListBox in a Cell



Quick income tax and national insurance calculator (United Kingdom)
Qwik & Dirty Task Guide for Excel
"We'll show you how to do multi-step tasks in Microsoft Excel by guiding you through the screen sequences. Scroll down, as needed. We use very few words, but realistic examples."



Ranking values
Rarely asked Questions
RAQ1 - Message based on day of the week in Excel
RAQ2 - Finding the n largest values in Excel
RAQ3 - Highlight the current or past month in Excel with conditional formatting
RAQ4 - Auto fill invoice template in Excel with pull down lists
RAQ5 - Calculate difference between two dates in Excel
RAQ6 - Calculate current age in whole years in Access
RAQ7 - Overcome Excel to Word mailmerge number format problems
RAQ8 - Automatically fill blank or empty cells in Excel
RAQ9 - Getting COUNTIF to work with other functions in Excel
RAQ10 - Counting unique items in a range in Excel
RAQ11 - Getting rid of empty paragraphs in Word
RAQ12 - Limiting entries to a fixed list and preventing duplicate entries in Excel
RAQ13 - Importing comments from Excel into Word mailmerge
RAQ14 - Subtracting or adding whole years with leap year dates in Excel
RAQ15 - Preserving decimal places when converting numbers into strings in Access
RAQ16 - Running Excel macros stored in add-in (xla) files
RAQ17 - Word mailmerge font format changing problems
RAQ18 - Checking for the existence of a given toolbar
RDBMS in Excel
Realtime Clock
Re-Arrange a Date into a new format
Recalculation in Excel
Referencing most recent entry in a List
    Removing Macros
Replace Excel's default title bar
Replace Information:
This sub will find and replace information in all of the worksheets of the workbook.
Resize The Name Box
Retirement Income Simulation Spreadsheet
This simulation shows how much income you can withdraw from a retirement account of (e.g. an IRA or 401k account)
Retrieve Real Time and Historical data in one step
Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Equity (ROE) Business Model
RGB Hex Triplet Colorchart
Risk Model (Stock) Spreadsheet
This demo file will be downloaded
Roll Your Own Combination Chart
Excel offers a very small number of combination charts from the Custom Charts tab of the Chart Wizard: Column-Area and a few Line-Column varieties. But these are limited, with only a few series permitted, and you have to arrange the series in the right order on your worksheet.
RVBA Coding Conventions
The objectives of the conventions are to make code:
More readable: Conventions allow a reader to understand the meaning of the code with less effort.
More maintainable: The code can be more reliably changed to fix bugs and enhance functionality.
More reliable: The code is more likely to perform as expected.
More efficient: The code performs faster or consumes fewer resources
RVBA Naming Conventions
The purpose of the Reddick VBA (RVBA) Naming Conventions is to provide a guideline for naming objects in the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) language. Having conventions is valuable in any programming project. When you use them, the name of the object conveys information about the meaning of the object. These conventions attempt to provide a way of standardizing that meaning across the body of VBA programmers.


Sample WORKDAY function spreadsheet  (Download)
Scheduling Tutorial
The tutorial is aimed at spreadsheet literate people who are involved in planning and scheduling production activities. The techniques and formulas set out in this tutorial are being used by manufacturing companies daily; this is a practical, not an academic, exercise.
Select a Chart Type with List Box or Drop Down Control
Two approaches for changing a chart type using list box or drop down type controls.
Some handy subs for doing different types of selecting.
Send Outlook Mail Message:
This sub sends an Outlook mail message from Excel.
Serial# Of Computer
SETI Spreadsheet Templates
This page provides SETI enthusiasts with several downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for performing some of the more common radio astronomy and SETI computations.
Setting a reference to the VBA Extensibility library
Setup PRINT parameters through a macro
Shaded Band
Keys for moving and scrolling in a worksheet or workbook
Shortcut for Switching Between Absolute & Relative Reference
Shortcuts to insert date and time
Shortcuts list (static)
Show Index No. & Name of Shapes:
To show the index number (ZOrderPosition) and name of all shapes on a worksheet.
Show the progress of your macro's
Simple Conditional Charts
Set up conditional formatting for your chart. Change color and marker style depending on the value of a point.
Smile please, you are on camera!
Sorting Sheets In Workbook
Spin through a long list and remove the duplications. It spins through multiple times to be sure we get them all .
Spreadsheet Download from "Engineering Sign Structures"
Benjamin Jones, author of Engineering Sign Structures, has made available his spreadsheets for analyzing and designing the basic support members and footings for freestanding signs.
Spreadsheet Errors
These stories illustrate common problems that occur with the uncontrolled use of spreadsheets. We give for each one how we think the problem might have been avoided.
An obvious form of risk avoidance is simply to check your work before sending it out. For important spreadsheets, a second pair of eyes ('peer review') is even better. Where stakes are high, a thorough test and audit is another form of defense.
Spreadsheet Modeling by B M Baker
A selection of spreadsheets
A list of spreadsheets for computer-aided learning and assessment of critical path analysis.
A depot location game.
A longest path network approach to a transformer construction problem.
Spreadsheet Programs
A collection of Financial spreadsheets
Spreadsheet Research (SSR)
A repository for research on spreadsheet development, testing, use, and technology. As much as possible, it has detailed abstracts for papers or even full papers.
Excel Tips Blog. Free Microsoft Excel Tips and Hints designed to increase your productivity.
Standard Deviation and Mean
Standard Deviation and Percent Error
Start an application from Excel and wait until it is finished
Statistical functions in 2003
This article describes six categories of improvements to the statistical functions in Microsoft Office Excel 2003, points to more specific articles, and gives at least some assessment of the effect of using earlier versions of Microsoft Excel when functions have been improved for Excel 2003.
Statistical Functions Resource Center
Specific Functions Updated in Excel 2003
Statistical Sampling Spreadsheet
This demo file will be downloaded
Suggested Sites to Download Icons
SUM or AVERAGE with multiple criteria
Sum top N values
Super-Easy Guide to the Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Object Model
Learn how easy it is to use the Excel object model to customize the way you work with Excel (VBA). Lessons include creating subroutines, the basics of objects, methods, and properties, and using dialog boxes. (29 printed pages)
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