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Tattsoft Spreadsheet Website
Download any of the spreadsheets
Teaching Statistical Concepts Using Spreadsheets
Teaching Statistics with Excel 5.0
Techniques for successfully importing Excel data into Access
Tests the values
in each cell of a range and the values that are greater than a given amount are placed in another column.
Text Write
A tool to create Gantt charts
Time Zone Conversion
Timesheet for Tracking Audit Hours Spreadsheet
This demo file will be downloaded
Toggle cases
Useful tools, remove password protection, document workbooks, encryption.
Tornado diagram
Track business hours with Excel's WORKDAY function
Trade Tracker Spreadsheet
If you need an easy to use spreadsheet to record your investment transactions, use the tradetracker spreadsheet.
Translation of Excel Functions
Translation in 9 languages of 339 functions in Excel97
Translation of Excel Menu items
"International versions of Office have the menu system in their local language. Also the Excel worksheet functions are (mostly) listed in local language. This complicates communication with the users with such a version. To aid in this process a utility has been devised that creates and shows a translation list of the Excel built-in command bars and controls and the Excel worksheet functions. This workbook can also list command bars of other Office software packages. It thus enables the international user who is using a different language version of Excel to quickly find translations for sequences of menu commands and function names."
Trapping errors writes the error code to a log file for later retrieval .
Trapping errors. The first displays a defined message box .
Travel Audit Program Spreadsheet
This demo file will be downloaded
Access and Internet information
Trivia knowledge game
Troubleshooting a Long Formula
Trucking Operations Review Spreadsheet
This demo file will be downloaded
Two-Way Lookups in Excel
Type of Sheet:
Sub returns in a Message Box the type of the active sheet.


Undiscovered Tips About Microsoft Excel for Windows
After supporting Microsoft Excel for years, technical Support Professionals have found that some of the most powerful and useful features and functions in Microsoft Excel remain undiscovered by you, our users. For example, you may create a new macro to perform a calculation when an existing formula or function can perform the task. Or, you may create a new macro to perform a task when you could use an existing feature that performs the task.
To generate a list of "secret" features and functions in Microsoft Excel, Support Professionals were surveyed. This document contains usage tips from this initial response.
Unlock Cells:
This sub unlocks all cells that do NOT contain a formula, a date or text and makes the font blue. It then protects the worksheet.
Updating Excel from the Web
Web queries provide spreadsheets with the ability to update selected cells over an HTTP connection.
Use Excel check boxes to total spreadsheet lists
Use Range Finder to Troubleshoot Formulae   
Use the date or Julian date in the file naming convention
User Form and List Box
UserForms and ActiveX-controls
UserForm examples, how to use different ActiveX controls.
Using "Option Explicit", "Select Case", and documenting code
The examples also show different ways to find the last row or range names .
Using dates in Excel
Using Excel 4 macros in Excel 97
Using Excel's Conditional Formatting
Using Named Ranges Instead of References
Using One Keystroke to Create a new Chart or Worksheet
Using Reuters Real-Time Page Information in Financial Models
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