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Vertical Category Axis
How do you arrange your chart so the categories are displayed along the Y axis? The method involves adding a dummy series along the Y axis, applying data labels to its points for category labels, and making the original Y axis disappear.
View a Graphical Map of a Defined Name
Viewing formulas


Watermark, Printing of
Weighted Average
What is an Add In ?
WinSite Archives
Workbook Downloads
Here you will find some free workbook downloads that demonstrate, Excel formulas, features, functions and code.

Workbook examples, copy, print and format.

Worksheet Name Tabs, Sorting Sheets In Workbook


Wrap text as you type
Write a Flat File with specified spaces
Write data to a textfile
wTable Simplifies the Process of Performing What-If Analysis on Financial Information


This site is predominantly Microsoft Excel related and is more inclined towards doing the things that you may have thought improbable or impossible by Microsoft Excel, hence The X in The XcelFiles.


YTD formula (applying the OFFSET function)
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