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100 Most Often Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English
Acronyms and abbreviations
Answers that Work
Hardware, Software, Systems, General Advice, Recommendations.... you name it, we'll try to give you an Answer That Works. 



Best of Everything
An annotated compendium of links to the best stuff on the Internet
Best Practices
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Calendars by Claus Tøndering
Microsoft ClearType is an unprecedented innovation in font display technology that dramatically improves font display resolution and marks a genuine breakthrough in screen readability. Updated ClearType Web interface for Windows XP allows users with Windows XP Service Pack 1 to configure ClearType
700+ pieces of free clip art
Cookies: what they are all about
Computer buying tips
Computer Stupidities
A large collection of stories and anecdotes about clueless computer users.
Crash prevention
Customize the Places Bar [Q248680]
Customize the My Places Bar in "Open" and "Save As" Dialog Boxes (Q282087)


E-Mail Abuse
More Than 15,000 How-to Solutions
EIDE vs. SCSI: Which hard drive is right for you?
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File type list
The File Extension Source
Flexible Renamer
File/folder rename utility, which can use Wildcards or Regular-Expressions
Free WiFi Locations
The Wi-Fi-FreeSpot Directory is a listing of Wi-Fi enabled locations that offer Free Wireless High Speed Internet Access. USA State-by-State listings come first with other regions of the World listed further down the page.

Hard drive (HDD) organization tips
History of Aviation: Aircrafts Through Time

History of the Airplane: Wright Brothers Aeroplane Co.
How Airplanes Fly

How Stuff Works
How Car Engines Work
How Does an Airplane Fly?
How PCs Work
How Lock Picks Work
How CDs Work
How Cell Phones Work
How Jet Engines Work
How Airplanes Work
How Networks Work
How Television Works
How Dieting Works
HOW TO: Create a "Catchall" Mailbox Sink for Exchange 2000 (Q324021)
This article describes how to create an event sink to capture all e-mail messages that are sent to a particular domain, and then direct them to a single mailbox.
How to Prevent a Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows Me Logon Prompt at Startup (Q152104)
Human clock

Google CheatSheet

Key Events in Microsoft History
A word document. Review important dates and events in the history of Microsoft Corporation from 1975 to the present.


Resources for Win 2000 and Win XP

The MSHelpWiki is a knowledgebase of Microsoft Help-related information, initially created by the MicrosoftHelpMVPs and maintained by the Help authoring community (and you, if you want to get involved).
There are lots of great Help-related sites on the Web and we hope this will tie them all together by becoming a central location where you can search for answers. Please help contribute by sharing your knowledge, adding links to available resources, and publishing your tips and tricks.


PC Lube and Tune
Articles are available on:

An Introduction to PC Hardware,
Exception Handling in Java and C#,
The Graphic User Interface,
Computers, Video Files, and HDTV,
Technical Perspective on The Microsoft Antitrust Case,
The Tragedy of Microsoft and Java,
Character Encoding and Web Standards,
Microsoft .NET Framework,
Distributed Applications and the Web,
Das Boot,
The Storm Before the COM,
Introduction to SNA,
Introduction to TCP/IP,
Introduction to APPC,
PC setup cheat sheet
"Have you gone out and treated yourself (or someone you love) to a new computer?or perhaps a new toy that hooks up to your old computer? If you're like most of us, chances are you're excited?and you've probably got some questions, too. Fortunately, with the advent of intelligent, user-friendly technologies like USB and hardware auto-detect install, setting up and maintaining your new PC and devices is an easier process than it used to be.
That's especially true when you have resources like the ones on this page!"
Physics Calculations

Physics of Flight (Newton and Bernoulli), The

Plain Figures
Plain Figures is a method of transforming statistical and financial data into figures, tables and graphs that people readily understand.
Pop-up menus: Getting rid of them
Programming Publisher 2003 Made Easy
Learn how easy it is to use the Publisher object model to write macros that automate tasks in Publisher and save you time and effort.
Project Management Terms
May be informally defined as "The art of directing and coordinating human and material resources to achieve stated objectives within limits of time, budget, and stakeholders' satisfaction." Or more formally defined as "The application of modern management techniques and systems to the execution of a project from start to finish, to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, quality, time and cost, to the equal satisfaction of those involved.

RAM: how much is enough, and other tips
Resources II
Word, Excel, Access, etc.

Science Behind Airplanes, THE 
SPAM procedures


Windows. Office, Etc.

User Tips and Solutions to Problems
Russel D. Hoffman's Unauthorized and Unsanctioned Net Guide to DOS
Screen Resolution: How to Change It
Screen Savers: The Secret Truth About Screensavers
Share Internet Connections
Secure server: fact or fiction?
Spam Abuse
Anti Spam e-mail
Spam Cop
Ultimate Windows Spool32 FAQ
This is the place to look for your solution to a Spool32 error message, and also a place to have information, solutions, or ideas on Spool32 errors posted for others to see and benefit from.

Visual Acuity Keyboards
Our Enhanced Visibility Lettering System (patent pending) is rated at 20/300 on the Snellen Visual Acuity Scale. Most conventional keyboards are rated at 20/70.


Windows 2000
Notes on using Windows 2000
Windows Startup
Windows XP - Home User Self-Defense
Processes for securing Windows XP for Internet use
A good list of file extensions and associated programs
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