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Technology that is useable and Accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities.
While advertising\sponsoring is a common way to publish and promote a product for free, some software advertising systems do more then just showing static banners, they make secretly use of your internet connection to, for example, retrieve new banner ads from a third parties server or send various information about you. This information is collected and sold to third parties.
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
All4One Search engine


Beep Codes
What are those noises when a PC starts up?
Also, Bios Central, Hardware Central - Tutorial, PC, PC

Columbia Encyclopedia
Computer Technical Support
A list of help sites

"Easter Eggs"
Hidden secrets
Encyclopedia of World History


Fix Windows

Gibson Research Corporation
Shields Up! will test your machine for Internet security.
Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body


Keyboard Shortcuts Redux
More shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts
Short cuts for most applications

Finding it hard to be removed from mailing lists? Getting harassed by someone on your email? Tired of getting junk email from unknown sources? Why not make them think you no longer exist by bouncing back their email so it looks like your address has been closed down. Are you tired of getting forwarded emails with large attachments that take ages to download? Are you scared of getting an email virus? Why not delete the email directly off the server so you don't have to download it.
Microsoft Support
Official information and troubleshooting site

Naked PC, The
General Windows and applications information

Office 2007 — Vista Presentations
PowerPoint presentations introducing Office 2007 and Vista
Online Help for MicroSoft 2000 Products
Official Help files

PC Guide
Tutorials, forums, information
PC NineOneOne
Resource for general PC questions
Diagnostics, Amount of RAM, CPU speed etc.



Robert's Rules of Order
Roget's II: The New Thesaurus

Strunk's Elements of Style


Web Sites
A collection of different sites
Definitions and reference site
Windows 2000 Home Page
Official Microsoft site
Beginners site
Windows Users Group Network
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