Actden Free software tutorials and high-quality online courses. K-12.
Adobe Tutorials
Tutorials by product
After Effects
Photoshop Album
Photoshop Elements
Adobe Premiere


Arizona, University of (Tutorial)
A Spreadsheet Tutorial
Basic Class Handouts
FrontPage Tutorial. You can also download and view or print these handouts with Adobe Acrobat
BayCon Group
Microsoft Word Tutorial (97)
Beginner's Guide to Access 2000
This training guide is intended to acquaint you with the fundamentals of Microsoft Access 2000. At the completion of this series of documents, you will have a basic understanding of database functions and capabilities, and the tools necessary to begin your own exploration and experimentation with Access 2000.
Busy Teachers Website K-12
Miscellaneous tutorials
Computer Literacy 101
Computer Basics
Working with Windows
Working with Words
Working with Numbers
Working with the Web
Also see this discussion of drop down lists


Develop Your Computer Skills
Skills References
Animated Photoshop help-books
Discovering Important Statistical Concepts Using Spreadsheets DISCUS
DISCUS is a set of interactive spreadsheets, written in Microsoft Excel, which are designed for teaching statistics at sixth form and first year undergraduate level
Domains, Learn about
How to develpe and use


Education to Go
Very compressive tutorial. Computers, Internet and more
VERY good links to a number of sources including:
General IT information
MS Office applications
Excel: Excel 2000, Beginner's Guide
Excel Basics (Weather Watch Sample)
This tutorial explains some of the basic features of Microsoft Excel.


Free Skills.com (Tutorials)
342 Freeskills.com online tutorials available, online training courses and a host of additional resources at your fingertips
FrontPage 2000
Making web sites is easier than ever!
FrontPage 98
Why weave web sites without FrontPage?
FunctionX (Access)
Provides Microsoft Access programmers with step-by-step tutorials for creating forms, designing tables, and forming queries.
FunctionX (Excel)
Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application used to process business and financial transactions of various kinds.


Geekgirl.talk is a collection of plain-English tutorials, guides, resources and commentary designed for anyone who uses a Windows-based personal computer. Despite the site's name, everything you find here is suitable to visitors of either gender and any level of technical understanding, or lack thereof.
Windows Guide,
Internet Guides
Application Guides


(Thanks to the Colorado Computer Club for the suggestion)
Home Networking Tutorials
How to Install, Configure, Enable File and Print Sharing, Internet Access


Intranet Journal
A FrontPage Tutorial
Internet Explorer 4
Max the Web with IE4
Internet Explorer 5
Surf at warp speed in your classroom
ITM Online Help
Office applications and general computer help and tutorials


Jeff Levy on Computers
Click on the "Lessons" link for over 200 tips and tricks


A modern online-magazine with more than 500 illustrated articles for the critical reader


Land Grant Training Alliance (Tutorials)
On line lessons. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, internet
The Land-Grant Training Alliance is an informal, un-funded group of computer education and technology professionals
Learning Microsoft Excel
Welcome to Learn the Net, a website dedicated to helping you save time and money when roaming through cyberspace.
Leeds University (Tutorial)
Spreadsheet Software The University of Leeds received its Charter as an independent institution from Edward VII in 1904


Magic Box, The
Excel tutorial
Maharishi Unversity of Management
Tutorials and troubleshooting. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Computer basics
Mail Merge Basics (Using Word 2000 and Excel 2000)
Microsoft Access Online Tutorial
The self-paced Microsoft Access tutorial
Microsoft At Home
The Insider Learning Library features a rotating series of free* interactive courses on the most popular Microsoft programs and technologies. MOS Exam
Microsoft Webcasts
Support WebCasts are a free Internet broadcast service provided by Microsoft. Tune in and watch live technical presentations given by Microsoft technology experts, and participate in live Q&A sessions after each presentation.
If you cannot participate in a live session, visit our Past Support Webcasts page to view an on-demand recording of it. All broadcasts are made available for on-demand viewing within 24 hours of the live session.
Computer and application tips
Mouse Practice
Microsoft Developer's Network


Number of Excel Tutorials
These Excel ('97 and 2000) files and Word files were done for the UK MEI Mathematics conference, Summer 2000.
Newbie Club
"The Newbie Club is famous for its laid back, down to earth approach to all things techie! Here's where the answers to all those mysteries can finally be revealed. Seat belts and air bags not needed!"


Office 2000
Classroom communication collaboration presentation
Office 97 Visual Basic Programmer's Guide
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications version 5.0, the shared development environment that provides you the means to accomplish a wide range of programmatic results
Office 2000 Tutorials
Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher
One on One Training for Excel
How to do multi-step tasks in Microsoft Excel by guiding you through the screen sequences.
One on One Training for Word
How to do multi-step tasks in Microsoft Word by guiding you through the screen sequences.
Operations Research
Oregon State University
PowerPoint Tutorial
For those just starting out we have some useful articles about things you will need to know before you begin, both related to FrontPage and to other aspects of getting your first site online
Outlook Express
E-mail is easy with Outlook Express
Outlook User Guide


Here you'll find all sorts of HTML, Javascript and web authoring tutorials, from absolute beginner stuff to more advanced material.
If you are a new web author looking for some "Plain English" HTML tutorials, then you've come to the right place. Here you will quickly learn how to make a page quickly and easily, completely from scratch with no special software at all. If you wish, you can go straight to the beginner tutorial...
PC Guide
Basic information about computers, Designed for new comers.
Personal Computer Tutor
All the aspects of computer graphics like news, articles, downloads, books, best sites, reviews, resources etc.
PowerPoint 98
Pick up PowerPoint pointers from Jim and Sue
PowerPoint in the Classroom
PowerPoint Tutorial
"It offers some great tips and guides for beginners as well as those who are more advanced."
(thanks Anna Murphy
PowerPoint Tutorial
Six lessons


Sarah Barnhill
Word tutorial site
Sewell Direct
Computer History (Tx Juli)
Sheffield, University of
Excel Help Index
Smarter Surfing: Better Use of Your Web Time
South Dakota, University of
Spreadsheet - A Variety of Activities!
Activities for grade school kids


Tech Tutorials (Tutorial)
The directory of free computer tutorials and whitepapers. The directory currently contains 1678 free tutorials!
Texas, University of (Excel Tutorial)
Getting Started with Microsoft Excel
To Excel is Elementary
Training Guides
Free Web Tutorials. HTML, PhotoShop etc.
Tutorial Find
"The Webs Newest Tutorials" large collection of Tutorials with a search engine.


University of Pittsburgh
ESSENTIAL MICROSOFT OFFICE 2000 Tutorials for Teachers
University of South Dakota
Download examples
A basic tutorial of Excel


Virtual University
Virtual University is a member-supported, global learning community and the largest educational portal on the Internet today; yet, our roots extend back to the 1960s. 500 courses.


Inside W3Schools you will find a large number of free Web building tutorials, from basic HTML and XHTML tutorials, to advanced XML, XSL and WAP tutorials.
Definitions and Tutorial
WebMonkey Guides
There's lots to do and see on the Web, and Webmonkey is here to show you how to get the most out of it. If you're a new kid on the Net, the info in Internet Basics will get you up to speed.
How to use the Internet
Willamette University (Tutorial)
Microsoft Word 2000 Tips Tricks & FAQs
William and Mary
Good collection of Window, Office Adobe and other tutorials
Windows Information and Tutorials
Word 2000, Beginner's Guide
Writing HTML, a tutorial for creating web pages
By the time you have reached the end of this tutorial you will be able to construct a series of linked web pages for any subject that includes formatted text, pictures, and hypertext links to other web pages on the Internet.


XML 101.com


Zicklin School of Business
Microsoft Access Tutorial
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