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Mail2web is an Internet based email client that allows you to pick up your email from almost any POP3 or IMAP4 email server. Instead of offering another web based email service like Hotmail or Yahoo Mail, mail2web lets you use your present email account. You simply enter your email address and password to Access your inbox. You can then read, reply and forward your messages. You can even delete large attachments without downloading them first!
Maintaining Your Computer
Some fairly simple things you can do to help you make sure problems are kept to a minimum
Make a shorter link
Take a long URL and convert it to a shorter one.
Mark's Maths and Excel Homepage
Math teacher in an 11 - 18 Independent School
Math calculations and conversions - Google
To use Google's built-in calculator function, simply enter the expression you'd like evaluated in the search box and hit the Enter key or click the Google Search button. The calculator can evaluate mathematical expressions involving basic arithmetic (5+2*2 or 2^20), more complicated math (sine(30 degrees) or e^(i pi)+1), units of measure and conversions (100 miles in kilometers or 160 pounds * 4000 feet in Calories), and physical constants (1 a.u./c or G*mass of earth/radius of earth^2). You can also experiment with other numbering systems, including hexadecimal and binary.
Also: Converter list
Math Tools
Technical computing portal. An enormous resource for scientific and engineering needs. Forecasting to loans to Quality control.
Math Tools (Excel)
MathsNet is an independent educational website
McRitchie, David
Some information put together in using Excel spreadsheets.
MCSEworld by Daniel Petri is one of the most comprehensive MCSE related web sites. With hundreds of Windows 2000, NT, XP and Exchange 2000 related tips, tricks and how-to articles, MCSEworld has become one of the world's leading MCSE and IT related knowledge bases.
Mehta, Tushar
Visiting the Excel section is a no-cost exercise and all of the downloadable files are free.
Microsoft Learning Center
Microsoft has unified three of its business units into one: Microsoft Learning. Microsoft Training & Certification, Microsoft Press, and Microsoft TechNet subscriptions have joined forces to establish a central source for integrated learning solutions.
Microsoft Office Assistance
This month answers all your most frequent questions about Office.
Microsoft Office Development Center
The Office Developer Center will allow you to keep current on the latest technologies
Microsoft Office Version Features
Descriptions of Office versions from 1.6 to present
Microsoft Office Solutions
Magazine, tutorials, downloads, files for beginners and developers
Microsoft Product Support Center
Microsoft Publisher MVP site
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications version 5.0
Microsoft Office 97/Visual Basic Programmer's Guide. Still good.
Microsoft Word 2000 Tips Tricks & FAQs
Some Microsoft Word features and techniques are quite complex. The answers here are brief, but will get you started.
Mindconnection's Tech Tips
You could easily make a case that computer designers deliberately add in user-unfriendliness. Thus, we have this library of techtips
MIT Courses
Openly sharing course materials will propagate throughout many institutions and create a global web of knowledge that will enhance the quality of learning and, therefore, the quality of life worldwide.
mm's little spreadsheet helpers
On this page you will find some free Excel-workbooks with mainly basic formulas in mathematics and physics.
Moosman, Joseph (See bottom of page)
Excel Utilities for Developers
Your one stop for Excel Tips and Solutions!
Do you have a problem in Excel? Are you beating your head against the wall doing repetitive tasks and can't figure out how to automate them? You've come to the right place.
MSN/Windows Messenger
MSN/Windows Messenger Resources  -- Tips, Help and Support for MSN and Windows Messenger.
Browse for fonts
Odeok, Kay
Windows Resources, links and tips
Office Experts
The Office Experts represents a combined effort of many Microsoft Office consultants. Our goal is to provide Microsoft Office users with the information and tools needed to automate their regular tasks as much as possible
Office Tips
Excel, Access, FrontPage, VBA, Word, Downloads
Excel and Access calendar
Office VBA
"Systems and Strategies for Microsoft Office" (magazine)
This site includes tips, tricks and examples of the features available in Microsoft Office Products through VBA and Win32 API
Old Programs
an archive of old versions of various programs
Operating System
The Operating System Resource Center, Software and Hardware
We have FAQ's, designer templates, and a very popular set of discussion forums. We would like to save you design and development time, tutor you, learn from you, and maybe even entertain you.  Feel free to look around and to join in!
Oyez, Oyez, Oyez
U.S. Supreme court audio files
Lots of tips, tricks, code, macros, formulas and information on the use of Excel and VBA for Excel in general.
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