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Enhanced functionality of the win32 API to intermediate and advanced visual basic developers using 'VB Classic'
This site provides free code, applications, ActiveX objects and support, to Visual Basic and VBA programmers.
Virtual Help Desk
Resources and Help for Excel
VPN Labs
VPNlabs is an open community for researching, reviewing, and discussing Virtual Private Networks. Tutorials available.
Walkenbach, John - Jwalk & Associates, Inc.
This section contains links to a variety of Excel tips for end users. Some of these tips originally appeared in John Walkenbach's Spreadsheet column for PC World magazine.
Wayne's NT Resources for Administrators and Users
Tips for NT administrators and users, extensive NT Registry Index and NT Book Recommendations.
Wayne's Windows XP Resources for Administrators and Users
The web developer's resource. How to and Reference library
Developing spreadsheets to meet the particular requirements of your business can help provide you with timely reports and graphs that will help you keep track of your business.
Two guys and a gal--put on a good low-key show with interesting guests and lots of useful advice. Past shows, archived on the site, include tips for online stock trading and car buying, developing a community on your Web site, and photo trading. Issue-oriented discussions cover finding a tech job in tough times, navigating the domain name wars, using file-swapping services, and dealing with spam.
Definitions for thousands of the most current IT-related words.
Williamson, Duncan
Spreadsheet examples and demonstrations
Willow Solutions, Inc.
Willow Tips are a collection of hints and strategies for working with live financial data within Excel. Tips and tricks... workarounds and shortcuts...
Windows 2000 FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions about Windows NT, Windows 2000, SQL Server, Exchange Server and Outlook, IIS and more!
Windows Driver Guide
The Windows Driver Guide provides technical resources and support for locating and updating driver software for Windows compatible hardware devices and peripherals.
Windows Guides
The Windows Guide Network provides technical resources and support for tweaking, managing and securing the Windows operating system using the registry, scripting and security.
Windows Pocket PC Guide
The Windows Pocket PC Guide provides technical resources and support for managing, tweaking and enhancing Windows powered PDAs, Pocket PCs and Windows CE devices.
Windows Registry Guide
The Windows Registry Guide, formerly Regedit.com, provides an extensive range of registry tricks, tweaks & hacks for optimizing, enhancing and securing the Windows operating system.
Windows Resources
Windows Scripting Guide
The Windows Scripting Guide provides technical resources, information and source code to help you automate your system using Windows Script Host (WSH) and the VBScript and JScript scripting languages.
Windows Security Guide
The Windows Security Guide provides information and resources to secure the Windows operating system and networks with details about the latest vulnerabilities and fixes, articles and technical support.
Windows Software Guide
The Windows Software Guide provides a range of reviews and resources for running and managing software applications on the Windows operating system.
Windows Support Center
Windows Operating Systems & Leading Application Software
Windows & Net Magazine
Windows & .NET Magazine, Mobile & Wireless Solutions, WinInfo News, Windows 2000 FAQ, IT Buyer's Network, Windows IT Library, CertTutor.net, Security Admin, SuperSite for Windows, JSI's NT/2000 FAQ, Connected Home Magazine, SQL Server Magazine, Exchange & Outlook Admin, Storage Admin, Windows Web Solutions, Windows Scripting Solutions
Windows Tips
See Keyboard shortcuts
WinOS Central
Windows operating system
WinOScentral's vision is to provide its readers with the best and most informative Windows information out there. We bring you the most up-to-date information, articles, reviews, and views. In the future, we hope to improve reader interaction, and provide more and more information.
Windows Information and Tutorials
This site will show you how to install, upgrade , reinstall , repair , troubleshoot and fix Microsoft Windows XP ( Also known as WinXP & whistler )  , Windows 98 ( Also known as Win98 ) , Windows ME ( Also known as WinME & Windows Millennium) , Windows 95 ( Also known as Win95 ), Windows 2000 ( also known as Win2k & W2K ), Windows NT ( Also known as WinNT), OEM computers ( Dell, Advent, Time, HP, and Compaq home PC's and Laptops ). Also tips, tricks, help, hints, how to build a computer plus much much more
Winsite Excel files
Microsoft Excel Files
Word Site.com
Are you spending too much time, money, and talent on word processing? Learn how you can cut costs and boost productivity with templates, wizards, add-ins, and macros for Microsoft Word.
Excel add in software
Information and reference links. K-12
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