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Mail Merge in Word 2002
After ten years of practically no changes in the mail merge interface, Microsoft looked at the functionality for Word 2002 and decided changes were due. While the intensions were good, not all the changes have been for the better. And many are extremely confusing, especially to users familiar with Mail merge in earlier versions.
Make footers appear differently on the first page, without using section breaks.
Making headlines and their text live happily ever after together
Mastering footnotes and endnotes
Mastering tables of contents and indexes
Mayor, G
Tips, and downloadable files for Word
Microsoft Word: Living with the Beast
Notes on using Word
Modify the path or filename in a series of hyperlink fields.
Monospaced Design
Moving an immovable object


One Look Dictionary
Search multiple dictionary sites
Opening and creating documents: sooo many helpful choices!
Opening and printing generic text (.txt) documents
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