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Taming finicky page breaks in Word tables
Teaching Word to accept personalized filename extensions
Technical Editor's Eyrie
Technical editors are people who edit technical information. They work in many fields, including engineering, computer hardware and software, science, medicine, law, banking, and website development for any business or activity.
Templates and custom features
Templates and predefined content
Textured Graphics
The draw layer: a metaphysical place
The Page Up and Page Down keys don't work like they used to.
The Speller won't check my spelling. What happened?
The toolbars and the menus in my old version of Word looked different. What happened?
Toggling between fonts
Totaling numeric data in Word tables made easy
Transpose dates mm/dd/yy to yy/mm/dd (Example: from 12/17/85 to 85/12/17).
Treat different pages differently with the help of an "if" field
Trimming printing time
Troubleshooting Damaged Documents
Damaged document files can cause any program to exhibit unusual behavior. Such behavior occurs because the program tries to make decisions about what to do based on incorrect information in the file.
The best way to protect yourself against document damage is to keep backup copies of your documents. If you do not have a backup copy of your document, this article provides some troubleshooting procedures you can use to identify and possibly recover a damaged Microsoft Word for Windows document.


Understanding fonts and line spacing
Understanding mailto: in Word's Internet hyperlinks
Understanding what All Active Templates means
Practical information about Unicode and the increasing number of applications and fonts that support it, intended to help people who are trying to use Unicode to produce standardized multilingual and technical documents.
Unlink a linked graphic that is floating over the text.
Unlink a linked graphic that is inline with the text:
Updating fields
Use Spike to Move Text
Using Excel PivotTables to present data in Word
Using formulas in Word tables
Using hyperlinks to connect documents
Using Rich Text Format (RTF)
Using text, the universal translator
Using Word's Open dialog box effectively
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