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  Saturday, February 16, 2008 – Permalink –

Address Map

Display a map to an Outlook contact's address

If a contact item has an address in the United States, you can use your Internet connection and Outlook to create a map to the address. You must be connected to the Internet for this feature to work.

Open the contact item.

Next to the Address text box, click on the down arrow and select the address you want to map (Business, Home, or Other).

Then choose Actions/Display Map Of Address from the menu bar or click the Display Map Of Address button.

Your default browser opens and the map is created using Microsoft Expedia Maps.

Outlook Maps

In Outlook 2007, the Map button is on the Contact tab on the right side of the Communicate group. 2007 uses

Outlook tips:
Outlook MVP Diane Poremsky
Customize Outlook's Map link
You can edit the registry to enable another web-based mapping service.

[Edited entry from 12/4/2004]

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