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  Tuesday, June 24, 2008 – Permalink –


Only what you want

Excel has a tool to sort lists with a number of criteria.

Select a single cell in the table and go to Data>Filter AutoFilter.
Click on the down arrow next to the field name and choose Custom.

The illustration shows how to set up a filter that displays data between two dates.

AutoFilter Tips

"Some tips and techniques for working with AutoFilters, and some workarounds for problems you may encounter."

Microsoft Assistance:
All about AutoFilters

Jay Walkenbach:
Displaying AutoFilter criteria

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte:
Using Custom Views with Autofilter

"If you frequently use Autofilter to view portions of your worksheets, you might find Custom Views to be a useful tool. Custom Views can be easily set up based on your Autofilter criteria. Once that is done, the worksheet views that you have created display in a drop down list so you (or others) can select them."

"The Display Filter Criteria doesn't work well. It only works when after set the filter, the cell with the formula is selected. Then press F2 en after that push the Enter key. Then it works. but the cell with the formula isn't updated automatically..."

# posted by W. van Dam : 7/06/2005

[Edited entry from 2/27/2005]

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