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  Wednesday, June 04, 2008 – Permalink –

Style Guide

Book smarts

These suggestions may help design your own web site. Unlike the library employees, you don't have to follow all the rules!

New York Public Library Style Guide

"This Style Guide for the Branch Libraries of the New York Public Library explains the markup and design requirements for all Branch Libraries web projects, along with various standards and best practices."

XHTML Guidelines
The rules of XHTML as compared to HTML—an easy transition

What is XML?
A brief introduction to the foundation of XHTML

XHTML Benefits
Four key benefits of converting from HTML to XHTML

XHTML Authoring Tips & Tools
Simplifying the work process—includes tips on thinking structurally, and tools for hand-coders and Dreamweaver users

XHTML Accessibility Tips
Making sure your pages can be read by all visitors, browsers, and devices

XHTML Validation
Ensuring interoperability by avoiding errors and sticking to standards
CSS Guidelines
Tips on authoring and linking to Style Sheets

Steal These Style Sheets!
Style Sheets for your use in Library projects

CSS Validation
Ensuring that your Style Sheets are error-free (same as XHTML validation)

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