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  Tuesday, July 08, 2008 – Permalink –

Customize Envelopes

Your own #10

The default layout for envelopes is not sacrosanct to anyone but the postal service.
You can move objects around; add text and pictures.
ChangingWord Envelope Layouts
Graham Mayor

Custom Envelopes in Word

Microsoft Support:
Create individual envelopes and labels
40 minute lesson
Customizing Envelopes with Pictures
Printing Labels or Envelopes for Contacts
Inserting Addresses into Microsoft Word Documents

"One of the advantages to using Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook is the ability to use information from the Address Book in Microsoft Word documents. Exactly how to do it, though, isn't obvious. The key is an AutoText entry called AddressLayout. This article shows you how to change this entry and how to add an Insert Address button to the Word toolbar."


"USAGE NOTE The word envelope was borrowed into English from French during the early 18th century, and the first syllable acquired the pronunciation (on) as an approximation to the nasalized French pronunciation. Other similar words borrowed from French in the modern period include envoy (17th century), encore, ennui, ensemble, entree (18th century), entourage, and entrepreneur (19th century). Most retain their pseudo-French pronunciations, with the exception of envoy, which, like envelope, is mainly pronounced with (en) now."
Addressing your mail
Delivery Address
Standard Address Formatting

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