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  Tuesday, July 22, 2008 – Permalink –

Screen Beans and PowerPoint

A Bit Better

"A Bit Better Corporation is a small consulting firm helping companies communicate and create products with maximum impact. Partners Cathleen Belleville and Dennis Austin bring over 46 years of high-technology experience.

A Bit Better Corporation is also the creator and publisher of Screen Beans clip art collections"

(Cathleen Belleville managed product planning for the Graphics unit at Microsoft.
Dennis Austin designed the original PowerPoint 1.0 at Forethought, Inc. before Microsoft bought it.
PowerPoint FAQ
Here are a few of the questions answered:

  • Is there a limit to the number of guides you can have?
  • How do I create additional pre-set color fills?
  • Can the WMF format be converted to GIF?
  • What resolution should I scan an image at in order for it to present well in PowerPoint?
  • Any way to run two different slide shows at once on two different monitors?
  • Any way to make Right Mouse go backwards in slide show?
  • Any way to print a catalog of slides with titles and file names?
  • Any tools for recovering corrupt .PPT files?
  • Why is my file still big, even after deleting things?

Some of the information is a little dated, but still usable.

The company also has collections of Screen Beans for sale:

[Edited entry from 3/28/2005]

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