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  Thursday, August 28, 2008 – Permalink –

Calculate Age

A few solutions

Here are some methods that have been posted to the newsgroups:

Assuming that the birth date field is called [BDate] and is of type date, you can use the following calculation:

Age:DateDiff("yyyy", [Bdate], Now())+ _
Int( Format(now(), "mmdd")

Alternately you can use this function to calculate age:

Function Age(Bdate, DateToday) As Integer
' Returns the Age in years between 2 dates
' Doesn't handle negative date ranges i.e. Bdate > DateToday

If Month(DateToday) < age =" Year(DateToday)" age =" Year(DateToday)">

The Access Web (

Also see:
Two Functions to Calculate Age in Months and Years

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