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  Friday, August 15, 2008 – Permalink –

Connectors and Org Charts


PowerPoint can create an Organizational or Flow chart more easily than using the old Orgchart applet.
(In 2002 +, OrgChart was replaced with the Insert diagram or Organizational chart button on the Drawing toolbar.)

Microsoft Office Online tutorial:
Org charts A to Z

"Use the Microsoft Office diagramming tool to create an organization chart in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003. Build and lay out a chart, style it effectively, and get editing tips that'll help you adapt it."

(Length: 40–50 minutes)

Draw flowcharts with Word and PowerPoint
Connector information
(Glen Millar Communications)
Connectors and custom anchor points

"Connectors are very important tools in PowerPoint drawing. They attach themselves to PowerPoint shapes, and will move with that shape as it is moved around the slide. This tutorial will show many things:
How to add custom anchor points by:
  1. drawing them,
  2. pasting them as an enhanced metafile,
  3. using a hidden autoshape."

[Edited entry from 4/30/2005]

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