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  Monday, September 01, 2008 – Permalink –

Calendar Help and Tips

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Malek has tips on a myriad of PC topics.
Here are the titles of a few of their Outlook hints:

Start your Calendar Work Week on Monday

If you work a Monday to Friday job, shouldn't Microsoft Outlook's Calendar work the same way?

Keep Others From Suggesting Appointment Times

Keep others from trying to change the times of your appointments in Microsoft Outlook.

Keep Meeting Requests from Being Deleted

File your Microsoft Outlook 2003 meeting requests instead of automatically deleting them.

Change the Calendar Workweek

Let Outlook 2003's "Work Week" view represent your actual workweek, not a M-F schedule.

Drag and Drop Events

Quickly move appointments and meetings from one day to another in the Outlook 2003 Calendar.

Play Different Sounds Per Appointment

Aurally note when different appointments and meetings occur with Outlook 2003.

Publish More Free/Busy Information

Allow other networked Outlook 2003 users to see when you are free for a meeting request months from now.

Outlook 2003 Calendar and Meeting Help and Tips

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