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  Sunday, October 26, 2008 – Permalink –


Seek and find

When you are looking for a particular word or file, wildcards can be used to refine the search.

An asterisk (*) can be used to represent any number of characters. A search for pop* would return popsicle, popcorn, pop1, pop2, pop37, pop29, and pop's favorite chair.

A question mark (?) is a stand-in for a single character. Popc??? would bring back only the word popcorn. Pop? searches for pop1 and pop2, but not pop37 etc.

That's a simple look at wildcards. Word has a rich variety of symbols that can do quite complex search and replace operations.

Here are some links to more detailed discussions:

Word MVP:
Using Wildcards

Felgall Pty Ltd:
Sydney, Australia
Wildcard information

Wild About Wildcards
by Bill Coan, MVP

Graham Mayor:
Find and Replace

And don't miss:
Special Characters You Can Find & Replace
By Phil Rabichow

[Edited entry from 7/30/2005]

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