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  Monday, November 10, 2008 – Permalink –

WinPatrol Protection

Installation warnings

A favorite trick of spyware programs is to make changes to the Registry. They attempt to do this in the background without your knowledge. WinPatrol is like having a guard dog on duty to warn when intruders are skulking about.

Scotia, New York, August 9th, 2005

"BillP Studios announced today that results of recent tests show WinPatrol PLUS with R.I.D. will detect 100% of the top spyware threats on a Microsoft Windows-based PC. Recent results by independent testers confirmed WinPatrol's "Real-time Infiltration Detection" methodology is effective in alerting users to newly installed software."

"WinPatrol takes snapshot of your critical system resources and alerts you to any changes that may occur without your knowledge. You'll be removing dangerous new programs while others download new reference files.

WinPatrol isn't the only software we recommend for complete safety but with Scotty on Patrol you'll find yourself informed on what's going on inside your computer. WinPatrol puts you back in control of your computer so you'll know what programs are and should be running at all times."

[Edited entry from 8/19/2005]

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