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  Thursday, December 04, 2008 – Permalink –

Pack Light

Traveler's friend

The Universal Packing List
By Mats Henricson

"In January 1988 I left Sweden for warmer climates - Africa. I was there for 5 months. A trip like that is impossible without proper planning. For months I compiled a list of things I might need, as well as things I had to do before I hit the road. When I came back from Africa I realized I could use the list for just about any other trip, even for weekend trips just 100 km away. Over the years I kept adding items to the list, and when I found the newsgroup on Internet in April 1993, the idea struck me that it could be fun to make my list available to other travelers."

"You can throw or give away clothes when you don't need them any more. Reminds me of Cairo where I once saw a goat eating a T-shirt! Tough animals!"

There are almost 500 items in the UPL, but there might still be necessary things missing for your particular trip.
Universal Packing List

For other travel tips see Andy, the Hobo Traveler:
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Here's the address for his blog:
HoboTraveler Blog

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