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  Thursday, April 30, 2009 – Permalink –

Google from the Help Menu

Search with Excel, Word, PowerPoint

Where better to search the Internet for support on an Excel, PowerPoint, or Word problem than through the Help menu?

Would you like to add Google to that menu?

Ron de Bruin at has developed free add-ins that does just that.

"Google Search 6.0/7.0 places a new sub-menu item under the Help menu of whatever program you call it from. When that item is selected, up pops a user-friendly interface. This allows a largely intuitive completion and execution of a Google Search.

On clicking the Search button a lot goes on behind the scenes.
  • Your default (i.e. your usual) web browser is loaded and, without further instructions,
  • It's off to the Google Advanced Search Page.
  • It then fills in an Advanced Query to your specifications
  • Executes that query.
  • Once results are found (or not found) you are shown those results just as if you had carried out all of the steps of the process."

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