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  Wednesday, July 08, 2009 – Permalink –

Polyglot Polynomials

ToolPak Translator

I was disappointed recently when I tried to look up Eric Desart's ToolPak translator. I found his site "niet beschikbaar."

I won't use the boy and wet thumb story, but Ron de Bruin did spring up to save the day and make the download available.

"Ever wanted an oversight of the Analysis-ToolPak Add-In functions, their descriptions, their arguments, their VBA and Procedure names, and all of this in your LOCAL language including translations versus the corresponding English names?

This utility extracts this data from your LOCAL MS Excel edition.

As such this table can be generated for ANY LANGUAGE EDITION of MS Excel, even when this language is not yet integrated in the utility."

Analysis ToolPak Translator

[Edited entry from 5/31/2006]

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