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  Tuesday, October 13, 2009 – Permalink –

Email Garage

Auto Archive

Auto archiving of old messages is a two-part process. Go to Tools>Options and choose the "Other" tab.

Click the "AutoArchive" button.

Select where you would like the archive.pst file to be stored and how often you want messages to be moved to the archive.pst file, for instance every 14 days.

OKyour way out.

AutoArchive is a process that searches for folders that have items that need to be saved.

Now you need to set up the folders that you want AutoArchive to look at. Go to View>Folder list.

Right click on a folder such as Inbox, Family letters, any other directory that you have created.

On the Right click Shortcut menu, choose Properties.

Choose the AutoArchive tab.

Put a check next to "Clean out items older than" and choose the time period. You can decide to have items in that folder sent to an archive file of your choosing. For instance older than 3 months.

OKyour way out.

Now ever 14 days AutoArchive will look at the folders and archive files that have become older than 3months.

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