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  Sunday, March 09, 2008 – Permalink –

Camera Tool


(This is the per-2007 routine. For 2007 see the bottom of this tip. )

To create a linked picture of part of a spreadsheet for use elsewhere:

  1. Edit>Copy the Cell or Range
  2. Choose the target cell
  3. Hold down the Shift key and choose Edit>Paste Picture Link

If you're going to do this frequently, go to Tools>Customize. Choose the Commands tab and locate Camera in the Tools category. Drag to place the Camera button on your toolbar.

If the Camera tool is on your toolbar:

  1. Select the Cell/Range
  2. Click the Camera tool
  3. Move the cursor to the target position and click to insert the linked picture

To create a static picture from cells, or a chart to use in another part of your workbook, or another program:

  1. Clear cell gridlines if you do not want them displayed in your picture.
    (Click Options on the Tools menu, click the View tab, and then clear the Gridlines check box")

  2. On the worksheet or chart sheet, select the cells or click the chart you want to copy as a picture
  3. Hold down SHIFT and click Copy Picture on the Edit menu
    (For the best picture quality, make sure As shown on screen and Picture are selected)
  4. Click OK
  5. Select the worksheet or other document where you want to paste the picture
  6. Edit>Paste.

You can use the Picture toolbar to change the image.
(to display the toolbar, right-click any toolbar and choose Picture)

To paste information you've copied from another program as a picture in Microsoft Excel, hold down SHIFT and click Paste Picture or Paste Picture Link on the Edit menu.

You can, also, create a dynamic linked text box by using the tool on the Drawing toolbar to place the object on the worksheet.

Now click to the Formula box. Type = and the click on the cell you wish to link.

Also see: Copy - Paste Methodology
by Jon Peltier

The process is a little different in 2007. Either add the Camera tool to the Quick access toolbar, or just select the range and drop down the Paste options.

Choose copy as Picture.

Next pick a location and choose Paste as picture.

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