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  Sunday, April 20, 2008 – Permalink –

Power Utility Pak v6 - v7

Excel the way you've wanted it

John Walkenbach ( has improved on the previous versions of PUP. It now includes more than 70 general purpose Excel utilities and 50 worksheet functions.

You can download a 30 day trial at PUP V6 Home

Here are some features just in the area of Chart & Graphics Tools:

Chart Data Labeler: IMPROVED
Lets you apply labels (contained in a range) to a chart data series -- a feature that is surprisingly missing from Excel. Enhancement: Now ignores data that is hidden as a result of autofiltering.

Resize Charts: NEW
Makes it easy to make a chart an exact size, or make all charts the same size.

Convert Chart To Picture: NEW
Makes a copy of a chart as a static picture. This is useful for saving charts that depict various what-if scenarios.

Chart Report: NEW
Produces a detailed report that documents a chart, or produces a report that documents all charts.

Object Align, Size & Space: NEW
Back by popular demand. This utility was removed from PUP v5, but now it's back. It provides an easy way to precisely align, size, and space a group of objects or embedded charts.

Object Hide / Unhide: NEW
An interactive way to hide or unhide charts and other objects on a worksheet.

There is, of course, PUP v7 Power Utility Pak v7

You can also see his blog at

The blog has little or anything to do with Excel.
It covers everything else in all the other worlds.

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