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get money for reviews

get money for reviews

conditional formatting can be set up by selecting the whole range, or for the first cell in the range and then copy down that conditional format. i find it is usually just as easy to select the whole range to start with. the formula will adjust itself.

in this example, cell get money for reviewshas a heading of product numbers.

select cell get money for reviews(or the entire targeted range) and from the menu.

select get money for reviews.

the get money for reviewsdialog opens with the initial dropdown saying
"get money for reviews".

click the arrow next to this, and choose
"get money for reviews".

after selecting "get money for reviews", the dialog box changes appearance.
instead of boxes for "get money for reviews", there is now a single formula box.

you can type in any formula as long as that formula will evaluate to true or false.

the formula to type in the box is
get money for reviews

conditional formatting

this says, "look through the entire range of column get money for reviews.

count how many cells in that range are the same value as what is in get money for reviews."
(in the graphic, b7 is the active cell.)

that same comparison will be made in every cell that contains the conditional formatting.

(if your data is in column get money for reviewsand you are setting the first conditional formatting up in get money for reviews, the formula would be get money for reviews.)

anytime a duplicate appears in the range, it will receive the special formatting.

in this example, any time a duplicate number appears anywhere in column get money for reviews, even if it is not itself formatted, the selected range will reflect the duplicate.

get money for reviews would count entries that appear more than two times.
get money for reviews would count entries that appear twice.

if you want only a part of the column in the formula, it is easier to use absolute addresses, such as get money for reviews

get money for reviewsget money for reviews

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get money for reviewsget money for reviews(see hide duplicate values)

get money for reviewsget money for reviews

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get money for reviews

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