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  Thursday, May 29, 2008 – Permalink –

Fill Handle

Double click the handle

If you have a column of data, you may wish to insert a new formula on each row, number the lines, or add a date column.

To fill the column down to the bottom of the database, just double-click on the fill handle - the tiny square at the bottom right corner of the active cell.

The duplication continues as long as there are entries in the adjacent column.

If you wish to fill down a series, make at least two entries so that the interval is apparent. For instance if there is a column of data in A1:A400, enter the number "1" in B1, "2" in B2.
Select B1:B2. Double click on the fill handle and Excel will fill the series down to B400.

You can also select a longer series, such as the name of a supervisor and the team members.

Format the supervisors name differently, if you want.

Select the list and double click the fill handle. The list will be repeated down the page, as long as there is a corresponding entry in an adjacent column. The formatting will also be repeated.


Custom Lists

F. David McRitchie:
Fill Handle

Microsoft Office Online:
Fill data in worksheet cells

If you don't see the Fill handle:
Click Options on the Tools menu and click the Edit tab.

(Use the Office button in the upper left corner in 2007)
Select or clear the Allow cell drag and drop check box.

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