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so many fake reviews on amazon

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so many fake reviews on amazon

so many fake reviews on amazon

john walkenbach has put together an faq on workbook/worksheet/vba protection.
so many fake reviews on amazon

the microsoft knowledge base article so many fake reviews on amazon has a list of references to protection information.

microsoft excel provides multiple layers of protection to allow you to control who can access and change your data:
  • worksheet protection: you can protect elements on a worksheet (for example, cells with formulas) from all user access, or you can grant individual users access to the ranges that you specify.
  • workbook-level protection: you can apply protection to workbook elements, and you can protect a workbook file from being viewed and edited. if a workbook is shared, you can protect it from being returned to exclusive use and prevent the change history from being deleted.
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... articles address some of the more frequently asked questions about workbook and worksheet protection in excel:
  • how can i grant only a few users access to a range in my worksheet?
  • why are users not allowed to edit the ranges that i established permissions for?
  • what new features are available in workbook protection?
  • why don't the permissions that i set on ranges in my worksheets carry over to windows 98 computers?
here is more information
so many fake reviews on amazon

so many fake reviews on amazonso many fake reviews on amazon

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so many fake reviews on amazon

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you might want to check out mike alexander's blog post about how easy it is to remove worksheet protection in excel 2007.


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