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  Monday, December 14, 2009 – Permalink –

Have a Geeky Christmas

And a Functional New Year

It is rather late in the season, but this is a gift that gives all year long:
This hilarious clock is the perfect accessory for any Excel power user. Each numeral has been replaced with a suitable Excel function that will evaluate to that numeral.

We've used one function from as many function categories as possible to really provide a broad range of functions.

For instance:
=FACT(3) - The FACT() function returns the Factorial of a number. The Factorial of 10 is 10x9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1. This function is great for statisticians calculating combinations and permutations. In our case, the Factorial of 3 is 3x2x1 or 6

Excel Function Clock

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<Doug Klippert@ 3:20 AM

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  Thursday, August 23, 2007 – Permalink –

Paint with Excel

A range of expressions

Ivan F Moala of has created a fascinating use for Excel.

The application/macro converts Bmp (24Bit & 256), Gif, Jpg, Jpeg files into Excel spreadsheets!

See the screen shots and download the free workbook:
Images to Excel

Excel 2003

Excel Picture

This picture covers a range of A1:BL74, 4,736 cells, viewed at 15% zoom.

Excel 2007

This picture covers a range of A1:GR300, 60,000 cells, viewed at 10% zoom.

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<Doug Klippert@ 6:40 AM

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  Saturday, March 24, 2007 – Permalink –

Splash Screens

A nice sparkle

After working hours to perfect an Excel project, the last little piece that adds a touch of class, is a splash screen.

Here are the instructions to construct this type of user form including a workbook that you can download:
Userform - Splash screens

Ivan F Moala administers this interesting site called The Xcel Files

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<Doug Klippert@ 5:26 AM

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  Friday, February 16, 2007 – Permalink –

Progress Gauge

Don't go away

If your macro is going to take a bit of time to complete, it is good manners to inform your users what is going on. If screen updating is turned off, they may think their machine has frozen.

Andy Pope has some great charting examples and also demonstrates a number of
Progress meters

Here's a static example:

Progress display

John Walkenbach, also, has tips about how to create a Progress indicator

also see:
Chip Pearson

Dick Kusleika

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<Doug Klippert@ 6:35 AM

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