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Talking Point

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Job Map

Over time


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December Moon

December Moon, originally uploaded by Doug Klippert.
Hand held SX10IS

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Mmmm, Stuffed!

Dinner suggestions

Reasons to use war's WMDs

(Posted by a confirmed carnivore)


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Dog Rescue



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Manhattanhenge_Tudor City Place_July 12th 2009

Where can we do this in Tacoma?

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The Collider goes off in October


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Luzon - the end

Bye bye Fun Circus

(From Google maps)

A place to go before or after Esmeralda's. luzon unlocked The Luzon is falling down


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SHS Rooftop

Go to the Stadium High school Auction March 21, 2010 for a chance to participate in this adventure.


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Cat Ladies


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Who's Tagged?

Here's a suspected social network SPAM email you might have received.

Don't click Yes, don't click No.
Just ignore.


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Live on a Bridge

A Fremont Home



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Don't EVER talk to the police

Sorry Collin

From Randy Cassingham's Blog:

"Some readers will be a bit puzzled why I would spread this message in my blog: "Do not, under any circumstances, be interviewed by the police without advice from a lawyer." You have a right to remain silent, and I urge you to exercise that right. Especially if you are innocent.

Yes, this pertains to U.S. citizens, and not everyone in other countries have this right. How sad for them! But "Taking the Fifth [Amendment]" isn't something to be ashamed of: it's a cherished important part of our Bill of Rights."

Watch James Duane, a professor at the Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach, Va.

Randy Cassingham's Blog: Don't Talk to the Cops


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Pinhole Photography by Incarcerated Girls at Remann Hall, Washington State

Prison Photography

Via Brooks Seymore


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Neko Case in Tacoma


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Celine Dion and Elvis Presley


Freestyle Volunteer

Judy Lightfoot, formerly a teacher and the Founding Head of Eastside Prep in Kirkland, is a Seattle writer.

Thousands of people in my city who are ambulatory, articulate, and otherwise capable of a social life are isolated from mainstream society, just because they have a mental illness or are homeless. Long-term isolation will damage anyone's sense of balance and integrity, and public services can’t satisfy the human need for personal connection's.

So I choose one individual to meet with every week for one hour of coffee and conversation at a cafe. I also enjoy irregularly scheduled coffee hours with people I meet who live in tent cities.

I don't need specialized knowledge about mental illness or homelessness, or about available resources, because my job isn't to solve someone’s problems. It's just to sit and listen and talk over coffee for an hour. Over time, this interested attention can add up to a transforming gift. And the atmosphere of the public spaces we share would brighten if millions of us contributed one coffee hour per week in this way.

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Toxic Waste

The Stranger has posted a provoking article by Brendan Kiley about the Ruston Smelter - its past and touchy future.

The Stranger

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One Time $250 Payment

How government announcements should be made


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Born Again America

(Founded by Norman Lear)

Religious or Political?



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This is good

This was at a Texas Tech Basketball game.

The two young ladies on the right are six years old. The two in the middle are seven and the one on the left is eight.


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What da ya mean

Street Photography

What da ya mean not here


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Playing For Change

Song Around the World "Stand By Me"


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New York Frog


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Nikon D3x

Buy Canon


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Bathtime in Clerkenwell

The Real Tuesday Weld


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Stadium Dickens Festival Dec. 13th

"Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Be it decreed that all lords, ladies and children shall come and celebrate the 4th Annual Dickens Festival at Stadium, a holiday festival, where Bobbies, Beefeaters and the Queen herself will be on hand to recreate the Victorian London of Charles Dickens.

Characters from Dickens novels walk the street. Food and entertainment fill the area with sights and smells that take you back to another era.

The festival is named after Charles Dickens whose concern for the poor is reflected in novels about their plight. His holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, is loved by many. In keeping with the mission, the festival plans to raise money for the " New Phoebe House", a residential home with a capacity of 16 adults and 10 children of pre-school ages. Residents learn skills to enhance their parenting, independent living, and employment skills. The festival also supports historic restoration and recognition of historic sites.

The festival is held over 10 blocks in the historic Stadium District Saturday, December 13th starting from 11:00am to 6:00pm."

Dickens Festival.pdf


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