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All Around Stadium


Here are a number of Virtual Reality views of Stadium:

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Time is short, the world is small

Tacoma - Paris

This picture was submitted to 24 hours of Flickr

Grand Opening

It didn't make it to the book, but it was displayed on a monitor at the "Wanted" Gallery in Paris.

Siobhán Silke saw it and sent me a picture of it.

"There was a slideshow on a big screen.
It was a great night, and we got a chance to meet some of the Flickr staff

Grand Opening


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Paul Blanchard

Great clips

Paul Blanchard has produced a series of video clips, mostly based on his kid's elementary school.

Kevin Freitas has pointed out this addition to the Tacoma area.

Explore Paul's web site

You can also subscribe to his YouTube collection.

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The Next TFG Outing?

Check the discussion page in the Flickr Tacoma group for up-to-date information.


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OK Tacoma

Daniel Blue

Here's a link to a well done mashup of poetry and light.

Also see:
Daniel Blue