Light and Power

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Tacoma Narrows Bridge

July 15, 2007


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New Video Player

Pictures with comments

(and free server storage)

"Viddler is very different from other video-delivery based websites, because we stream video our videos instead of having the user download it.

That means you get to watch videos without having to wait until the entire video to load.

This is especially useful when wanting to view the last few minutes of a very long video.

It's a secure system and prevents other people from watching the video (in ways they're not supposed to) or ripping the video off the site.

Video that you host with Viddler can not be stolen, or used in any fashion, unless you set your sharing options to allow it."


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Art on the Ave

6th Ave from Trafton to Cedar 7/8/2007

Art on the Ave


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Greece Collection