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New mini app




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New Video Player

Pictures with comments

(and free server storage)

"Viddler is very different from other video-delivery based websites, because we stream video our videos instead of having the user download it.

That means you get to watch videos without having to wait until the entire video to load.

This is especially useful when wanting to view the last few minutes of a very long video.

It's a secure system and prevents other people from watching the video (in ways they're not supposed to) or ripping the video off the site.

Video that you host with Viddler can not be stolen, or used in any fashion, unless you set your sharing options to allow it."


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Greece Collection



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Paul Blanchard

Great clips

Paul Blanchard has produced a series of video clips, mostly based on his kid's elementary school.

Kevin Freitas has pointed out this addition to the Tacoma area.

Explore Paul's web site

You can also subscribe to his YouTube collection.

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New Flickr Show

Sorta Screensaver

Turn your screen saver off and use your browser at full screen to see:


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Flickr Flics

Newest shots

David Troy has produced a mashup of Google maps and Flickr.

See new entries as they occur.


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24 pictures for 50 cents

Lived in a truck

My Grand Uncle, Paul Herman Wedmark, was an itinerant photographer who lived in his truck.

This could have been in Hennepin, Minnesota. The postmark is Sep. 12, 1930, he died the following year


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Old Photographs


I found another source of great old pictures.

Conveniently named:

"It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Even with a thousand words, how do you describe the look in a Mother's eye who does not know how she will feed her children, or the look on the face of a paratrooper minutes before the D-day invasion. The simple answer is that there are some stories that can only be told with pictures. This site is dedicated to those stories, and those pictures."


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From a 13 year old girl

In 2003, I bought a post card on e-bay. It is a picture of the newly completed Stadium High School.

The postmark is October 12th, 1906. It was addressed to someone in Montezuma, Iowa.
(no street address)

In 2006 Stadium had its Centennial Celebration and I put the postcard on the web page.

Just the other day I received this email:

"The "Helen M who wrote the note alongside the picture of Stadium High (Tahoma High then) was my Mom....Helen McDonald, class of 1912.

In 1915 she married John Stedman Wood, also class of 1912. They raised 3 boys, Donald, Philip and myself...Jack M. Wood class of '41."

It's an itsy, bitsy, tiny world.

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Old Stuff

This is you 100 years ago

" is a photo Blog about what life a hundred years ago was like: How people looked and what they did for a living, back when not having a job usually meant not eating. We're starting with a collection of photographs taken in the early 1900s by Lewis Wickes Hine as part of a decade-long field survey for the National Child Labor Committee. One of his subjects, a young coal miner named Shorpy Higginbotham, is the site's namesake."

(It's also a Blog with RSS)