Light and Power

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An Xmas Weekend

December 9, 2007

Here is the Crossing Band:


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Nisqually Wildlife Reserve

This show was put together using a program called Muvee.
It analyzes the pictures and the music and combines the two. There are a goodly number of themes that can be applied as well.


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The Next TFG Outing?

Check the discussion page in the Flickr Tacoma group for up-to-date information.


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Flickr Slide Show

Tacoma Foto Gang

Created with Paul's flickrSLiDR.

Paul's flickrSLiDR. will give you the code for a show like this one.

(If you don't see the show, click on Permalink "Sunday, May 20, 2007 - Permalink")

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Old City Hall

Out Again

The next outing for the Tacoma Foto Gang will be March 13th at the Old City Hall.

Up until recently there were offices and businesses in the Old City Hall. Hopefully there are areas that have not been too gentrified.

The Renaissance at Old City Hall

City Hall 1910

City Hall and Police station

Is there anything left to see in the Old Police Station across the street? I understood that they retained one of the old cells.

Joel [rootrider] asked:

"Are you talking about the old Northern Pacific building ("One Pacific") or another building?"

I think you're right, but I haven't heard it referred to by that address in awhile.

"In 1929, the Police Department moved across the street from the city hall to the newly completed Public Safety Building. This five story structure was designed to house the station and city jail, and was built adjacent to the old Northern Pacific Railroad headquarters building. Though an improvement on the previous station, it was too small. Soon, the police moved into the N.P. RR building, which came to be known as the Police Annex. Later expansion forced the purchase of a building at 710 Pacific Avenue, which housed the police garage and the juvenile division."

Tacoma Police History

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February Group Photo, No. 2

The Gang

February Group Photo, No. 2, originally uploaded by trumpetlamp.

Seeking grime in dangerous places

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The Waterfront

The Tacoma Foto Gang goes to the Waterfront

Tacoma Waterfront

Here's a look at some of the pictures:

Tacoma Waterfront shots


Also see Tideflats results


There will be more postings and links to come.

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