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Talking Point

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Nikon D3x

Buy Canon


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Animation Tool


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New gadget


2007 MaritimeFest


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Vista Photo Search

Photo terms

Vista Search can also be used to located EXIF type information.

Advanced Query terms


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HD Photo plug

Released for Photoshop

Microsoft Download: HD Photo Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Software

"HD Photo offers compression with up to twice the efficiency of JPEG, with fewer damaging artifacts, resulting in higher-quality images that are one-half the file size.

In addition, HD Photo offers increased image fidelity, preserving the entire original image content and enabling higher-quality exposure and color adjustments in the image. This new format offers the ability to decode only the information needed for any resolution or region, or the option to manipulate the image as compressed data.

'With HD Photo, we're taking a new approach to creating and editing photos that simply isn't available to photographers with today's formats,' said Amir Majidimehr, corporate vice president of the Consumer Media Technology Group at Microsoft. 'HD Photo fully preserves the original image fidelity with high dynamic range while still allowing for significant improvement in compression size.'

In addition, HD Photo offers both lossless and lossy image compression, and can retain the full dynamic range and color gamut data from a camera's sensor. Also, because making adjustments to common color balance and exposure settings won't discard or truncate data as other common bitmap formats typically do, it's easier to "undo" those changes at a later time. As a result, significantly smaller files can be created while still retaining optimum picture quality."

Press Release

CNet - Vista to give HD Photo format more exposure

"HD Photo is a new file format for continuous-tone still images that surpasses the limitations of existing image formats. HD Photo supports a wide range of features including:
  • Multiple color formats for display or print
  • Fixed or floating point high-dynamic-range image encoding
  • Lossless or high-quality lossy compression
  • Efficient decoding for multiple resolutions and subregions
  • Minimal overhead for format conversion or transformations during decode

HD Photo delivers a lightweight, high performance algorithm with a small memory footprint that enables practical, in-device encoding and decoding. It delivers compression quality comparable with JPEG-2000 and more than twice the quality of JPEG."

Bill Crow's HD Photo Blog

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Flickr Slide Show

Tacoma Foto Gang

Created with Paul's flickrSLiDR.

Paul's flickrSLiDR. will give you the code for a show like this one.

(If you don't see the show, click on Permalink "Sunday, May 20, 2007 - Permalink")

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Flickr Flics

Newest shots

David Troy has produced a mashup of Google maps and Flickr.

See new entries as they occur.


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Quick Irene!

Get the Flickr

Here's a link to beginner's quide to

Flickr's not hard to use, but it's nice to have someone walk through the steps.

"Flickr is a popular photo sharing and hosting service with advanced and powerful features. It supports an active and engaged community where people share and explore each other's photos.

You can share and host hundreds of your own pictures on Flickr without paying a dime. There's also a pro service that gets you unlimited storage and sharing for about two bucks a month, making it one of the cheapest hosting sites around."