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free amazon products for review

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link browser?

free amazon products for review

you may see a warning about browser selection. it happened to me after playing with firefox and then coming back home again.

try going to free amazon products for review and entering:

free amazon products for review

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  1. double-click my computer.
  2. on the view menu, click folder options (or tools>folder options).
  3. on the file types tab, click url:mailto protocol in the registered file types list, and then click edit.
  4. in the actions box, click open, and then click edit.
  5. click to remove the use dde check box, and then click ok.
  6. click close two times.

free amazon products for review

  1. openexplorer
  2. select tools and then folder options
  3. select the file types tab
  4. select extension: (none), file type: url:hypertext transfer protocol
  5. click advanced toward the bottom of the window
  6. in the edit file type window, select open and click edit
  7. clear the check for dde above the dde message box (which should contain "%1" or similar)
  8. click ok, click ok

repeat for file type: hypertext transfer protocol with privacy and ftp

in the "locate link browser" box, go to c:/disk/program files/internet explorer/iexplorer.exe.
select the application and click "ok."


in the "locate link browser" box, go to c disk/programs/mozilla/firefox.exe. select the application and click "ok."

free amazon products for reviewfree amazon products for review


free amazon products for review

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