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  Sunday, June 21, 2009 – Permalink –

Clip Art at Home

Install more

Do you remember all of the clip art that was available locally with Office XP?

When you have an Internet connection, you have access to the Office Online collection, but if you would like more clip art installed on your machine:

A small amount of sample clip art images was included The 2007 Office systems and Office 2003 and is part of the "local collection" that is searched when you do not have Internet access to the Microsoft Office Online Clip Art and Media Web site. Office 2003 no longer included a media content CD with additional clip art. However, the Microsoft Office XP Media Content CD can still be installed locally or on a network share.

The Office XP Media Content CD contains approximately 35,000 clips that are a subset of the clips that are available on the Microsoft Office Online Clip Art and Media Web site. The Office XP Media Content CD was included with Microsoft Office XP Professional, Microsoft Office XP Standard, and Microsoft Publisher 2002 Deluxe Edition.

To install the contents of the Office XP Media Content CD on a computer, follow these steps:
  1. Exit all programs that are running

  2. Insert the Office XP Media Content CD into the CD drive or into the DVD drive
    (Hold down the SHIFT key to prevent the program from automatically starting. If Microsoft Windows Installer automatically starts, click Cancel)

  3. Click Start, click Run, type the following command, and then click OK:
    msiexec.exe /i CD_drive:\CAG.MSI ADDLOCAL=ALL /qb
(CD_drive is the letter of the drive that contains the Office XP Media Content CD)
How to add clip art to Clip Organizer in a 2007 Office system and in Office 2003

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<Doug Klippert@ 3:01 AM

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  Thursday, April 09, 2009 – Permalink –

Excel-lent E-Mail

Outlook, Excel, and VBA

Ron de Bruin, Microsoft MVP - Excel, has put together a collection of VBA routines to make Excel e-mail friendly.

See if these topics tempt you:

Example Code for sending mail from Excel
  • Mail Workbook
  • Mail one Sheet
  • Mail more than one Sheet
  • Mail the Selection or range
  • Mail Every Worksheet with Address in cell A1
  • Mail sheet or sheets to one or more people
  • Mail range or sheet in the body of the mail (Send personalized email)
  • Mail a message to each person in a range with Outlook
  • Mail a message to each person in a range with CDO (no security warnings)
  • Sending a different file to each person in a range with Outlook
  • Zip the ActiveWorkbook and mail it with Outlook
  • Security (Prevent displaying the dialog to Send or not Send)

Also Download Addins for Excel e-mail information

Also see:

John Walkenbach:
Sending Personalized Email from Excel

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<Doug Klippert@ 3:28 AM

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  Monday, December 22, 2008 – Permalink –

Shipping Status

Track UPS and FedEx

With eBay and Amazon, packages are flying across the country 24 hours a day, locating a shipment can be important.
This free Outlook add-in combines with Outlook's calendar to follow the path of an order.
"Parcel Tracker is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that automatically synchronizes an appointment item with a shipping service enabling you to track your package delivery / status directly from the Outlook's calendar.

Parcel Tracer tracks the status and delivery of UPS and FedEx shipments using the Outlook calendar.

On a timed interval, Parcel Tracker will automatically update the status AND placement of the delivery appointment in your calendar using tracking information retrieved directly from the selected shipping service. You can track your package via its schedule delivery date OR the most recent activity.

Parcel Tracker
By David Levinson

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<Doug Klippert@ 3:38 AM

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  Wednesday, November 12, 2008 – Permalink –

Security Prompt

Avoid the warning

"A program is trying to automatically send e-mail on your behalf. Do you want to allow this?"


This is the result of a security update in Outlook 2000+.

Here's how to get out of the problem:

Express ClickYes

. . ."a tiny program that sits in the taskbar and clicks the Yes button on behalf of you, when Outlook's Security Guard opens prompt dialog saying that a program is trying to send an email with Outlook or access its address book. You can suspend/resume it by double-clicking its taskbar icon. Developers can automate its behavior by sending special messages."

Also see:

Automation Security from

Outlook Email Security

Administrative Options for the Outlook E-mail Security Update

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<Doug Klippert@ 3:28 AM

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  Sunday, April 27, 2008 – Permalink –

Query Builder

Find it

Another way to retrieve information in Outlook.
Outlook 2002 through 2007 has an option for filtering dialog called QueryBuilder.

To use it you just need to add the QueryBuilder key to the registry:

  1. Use Regedit to go to the appropriate location.
  2. Right click and choose to add a new Key.
  3. Name it QueryBuilder.

There aren't any other entries that need to be made.


Outlook 2003:

The next time you go to Tools>Advanced Find, there will be a new tab for the Query Builder.

Now you can create an AND/OR query using the Filter dialog in Search Folders, Define Views, Automatic Formatting, or Advanced Find.

With Outlook 2007:


Go to Tools>Instant Search>Advanced Find.
The shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+F.

For more information, see:
Using the Query Builder

Microsoft KB:
How to Use the Query Builder for View Filters and Advanced Searches

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<Doug Klippert@ 5:34 AM

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  Thursday, December 13, 2007 – Permalink –

Info on the Desktop

Free gadget

If you use the Windows Live sidebar, this might come in handy.

Outlook Info shows information from MS Outlook; Number of emails, upcoming appointments, and tasks.

You can choose one of the build-in skins or create your own skin!

Possible to choose a folder to monitor.

Outlook Info

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<Doug Klippert@ 3:40 AM

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  Monday, November 05, 2007 – Permalink –

Desktop Calendar

Stare at the day

Outlook on the Desktop places your Microsoft Outlook Calendar on your desktop.

You can adjust its appearance. You can switch to Inbox, Tasks, Contacts, or Notes as well.

Double-click any item on the calendar to open in Outlook.

It works with all versions of Outlook from 2000 SR-1 forward; it also works with Vista and it's free.

Outlook on your desktop

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<Doug Klippert@ 6:09 AM

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  Friday, August 24, 2007 – Permalink –

Print Calendars

Good looking printouts

The standard calendar print out is dull:

The new free Calendar Assistant makes it more fun.

The Calendar Printing Assistant for Office Outlook 2007

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<Doug Klippert@ 7:53 AM

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  Thursday, August 16, 2007 – Permalink –

Replace Today

Weather or not

Replace MSNBC's Outlook Today page

"For the past several years, MSNBC provided a customized Outlook Today page that added news, weather, and stocks to the Outlook Today page. They recently discontinued the service and provided instructions to uninstall it.

Not all is lost however. You can replace their news, weather, and stock feeds with feeds of your own. FrontPage offers replacement applets in the Insert, Web components menu or you can find scripts or applets on the Internet to use.

Here is a replacement page available for download. You will need to enter your own zip code or ICAO code for local weather, instructions are here. Instructions are in the HTML to change the news to feed to international or to provide sports news etc."

[Edited entry from 9/24/2004]

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<Doug Klippert@ 6:39 AM

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  Saturday, April 07, 2007 – Permalink –

Word Calendar Template

Take control

You can print a copy of your calendar in Outlook, but you don't have much control over its formatting.

Here's a solution:
Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook 2007


"Customizable Word template for generating and printing Outlook weekly and monthly calendars.
  • Print any Outlook calendar that you have access to, including calendars from other users' mailboxes and Public Folders.
  • Add color coding by category or by type of item (one-day event, multiple-day event, etc.)
  • Specify time and date formats and the title for the calendar.
  • Freeware.

Office 2000/2002 +

See more at

[Edited entry from 7/18/2004]

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<Doug Klippert@ 7:44 AM

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  Friday, March 30, 2007 – Permalink –

PDF Viewer for Outlook

In situ

You can preview Office 2007 files in Outlook 2007. Now there is an add-in that will allow you to look at PDF files as well.

It also works with explorer in Windows Vista.

PDF Preview Handler for Outlook/Vista

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<Doug Klippert@ 5:59 AM

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