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  Tuesday, July 15, 2008 – Permalink –

Broadcast PowerPoint

Shows on the Internet

"There are many different ways you can deliver a presentation. You can make an on-screen presentation using a laptop or desktop computers and a multimedia projector, you can use an overhead with transparencies, you can generate paper printouts and use a flip chart, or even present using 35mm slides.

But, with the amazing growth of the World Wide Web, more and more people are opting to copy their presentations to the Internet. PowerPoint has built in facilities that allow you to convert your PowerPoint presentations to a series of web pages that can be published to the Internet or an Intranet then viewed by anyone with a Web browser!"
Web Delivery of PowerPoint Presentations
Broadcasting PowerPoint Presentations Live over the Internet

Microsoft Office Assistance:
PowerPoint 2003 Add-in: Presentation Broadcast

"The presentation broadcast add-in, which synchronizes the audio and video delivery in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 and earlier presentations and enables you to deliver presentations to participants in different locations, is not available in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. Instead, Microsoft Office Live Meeting can help you collaborate online and share presentations with individuals or large groups in different locations. All that you need to use Live Meeting is a computer and an Internet connection. "

Presentation Broadcasting documentation
Broadcast PowerPoint presentations to small groups

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