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  Wednesday, January 21, 2009 – Permalink –

Dvorak Anyone?

Alternative Keyboard Layouts

"Free keyboard layouts — called Dvorak layouts — are available for people who type with one hand or finger. These layouts make the most frequently typed characters on a keyboard more accessible to people who have difficulty using the standard keyboard layout (called the "QWERTY" layout).

Dvorak keyboard layouts reduce the amount of motion required to type common English text. Use of these layouts may also help avoid some types of repetitive strain injuries associated with typing.

Studies have also shown an increase in typing speed and accuracy when using the Dvorak layout for two hands. The left-hand or right-hand keyboard layouts can also be useful for people who type with a wand."

You do not need to modify your hardware keyboard to use these layouts, but you will need to change your keyboard settings to use the Dvorak layouts.

(A keyboard layout is a map or a definition of how keys are laid out on your keyboard. The keyboard layout you use is determined by software in your computer. The letters on your keys indicate the standard layout for your keyboard.)

Tutorials and downloads

Dvorak layouts

Introducing the Dvorak Keyboard
By Marcus Brooks

A Brief Primer
by Randy Cassingham

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<Doug Klippert@ 3:09 AM

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  Saturday, August 04, 2007 – Permalink –

Clippy and Friends

Office Assistants

They were in the background, waiting to pounce.

Chris Pratley was there in the beginning:
Clippy and User Experiences

Stanford University:
Bob and the assistants
Social science research influences computer product design

..."They have found that to a very considerable extent people treat their computers and other computer-driven technology in the same ways that they treat people - as if the computer possessed reason, feelings, etc. People also treat pictures on screens as real objects, rather than as representations of real objects. This is relevant to anyone who wants to design technology or content that is as effective as it can be ..."

KC Lemson:
The Kitty bug

Also see:
Microsoft Bob
Clippy's Revenge

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<Doug Klippert@ 7:33 AM

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  Sunday, April 15, 2007 – Permalink –

Microsoft Bob

No second act


"Microsoft Bob was one of the most publicly scorned programs Microsoft has released. Microsoft, like other companies who made software for OS/2, BeOS, and others that flopped in the retail sector, learned a hard lesson; if you try to be a smart aleck in your user interface or application software, it won't sell. You might have a few loyal users that are supportive of your wit, but will they sustain your business?

And speaking of Bob's "creator," a lady named Melinda French was the Project Manager for Microsoft Bob and also came up with the concept of Bob's "personal guides" (and Microsoft Office has never been the same since 1996).

Ms. French went on to become none other than Mrs. Bill Gates."

Dan's 20th Century Abandonware

Also see:

Melinda Gates goes public

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<Doug Klippert@ 6:03 AM

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  Saturday, March 10, 2007 – Permalink –

Before Windows

The old days

Here's Guidebook, a website dedicated to preserving and showcasing Graphical User Interfaces.

Remember GeoWorks?


How about HP's NewWave.

I bought NewWave because surely HP would be beat out those new guys at MS.

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<Doug Klippert@ 7:12 AM

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