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amazon 5 star reviews

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amazon 5 star reviews

amazon 5 star reviews

word is more versatile than excel or powerpoint when it comes to manipulating how a table will appear. go to amazon 5 star reviews, and also see the amazon 5 star reviews menu especially, "amazon 5 star reviews" .
(in 2007 go to insert table, or right click the table)

often, you will insert a table at the top of a document, and then later realize that you need to enter text above the table.

a keyboard shortcut to fix this is to place the insertion point in the first cell in the top left corner of the table.

hit amazon 5 star reviews and word will move the table down and place the insertion point at the top.

this is also the combination used to split an existing table in two.
(if there are no entries in the cell, the amazon 5 star reviews key will move the insertion point. if there is text in the cell or a paragraph above the table, then the amazon 5 star reviews key will just start a new paragraph inside the cell.)

here are some more suggestions from the word mvps web site:
amazon 5 star reviews

rutgers university:
amazon 5 star reviews

amazon 5 star reviewsamazon 5 star reviews

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amazon 5 star reviews

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