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  Saturday, August 02, 2008 – Permalink –

Picture Toolbar

Powerful tool

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint use similar toolbars to edit graphics.

In 2007, these appear on the Ribbon when the graphic is selected.

Here's a description of how it works:

Masterviews International:

Edit Images And Photos Within PowerPoint: Picture Toolbar

"In PowerPoint you can control images using the Picture toolbar which automatically appears whenever you insert a picture in a slide. In case you do not see this toolbar, you can right-click on the image you have just inserted and choose 'Show Picture Toolbar'."

  • Change the image to grayscale, black-and-white or watermark, thanks to the Color Control feature.

  • Change the picture's contrast, with the More Contrast and Less Contrast controls.

  • Change the picture's brightness with the More Brightness and Less Brightness controls.

  • Cut off part of the picture with the Crop control.

  • Recolor vector images (not applicable to bitmap images such as JPEG) with the Recolor Picture function.

  • Format the picture with the Format Picture control.

  • Select a color in the image and make it transparent, with the Set Transparent Color function.
    (For 2007 this is under "Recolor" > Adjust . Set Transparent color)

  • Undo all operations that you have applied to the selected images with the Reset Picture control.

For the FrontPage toolbar see: FrontPage Picture Toolbar See all Topics


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