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  Tuesday, August 12, 2008 – Permalink –

Stop Online Help

Use local Help

When Office 2003 first came out, one of the new features was that the help files were "live."

Rather than using stale information installed years before, the application connected with Redmond for the newest and best solutions.

This can be a problem depending on how you connect to the Internet. If you're using a dial up service, or speeds slow to a crawl. Here is a way to use local information.

  1. Bring up the Help Task Pane (The F1 key will do this.)

  2. At the bottom of the "See also" box there is a hyperlink: "Office Online Settings"

  3. Click this link; you will get the Service Options dialog box

  4. Uncheck the option: "Search online content when connected"

Office will now use the help files on the local hard drive. It is much faster!
(Editing will affect all Office applications)

In office 2007, left click on the "Connected to Office Online" and choose local

If you need to disable its use through a Group Policy, or in the Registry, see:

Microsoft Support:
How to disable Microsoft Office Online featured links in Office

Be aware that if you do turn it off, you might miss some of the Office online feature, like tutorials and downloads.

Office Online: Get More Out of the Microsoft Office System

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