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  Sunday, January 17, 2010 – Permalink –

Merge Word to PDF

Not just MailMerge anymore

Sure, you can create a merged letter and have 30 pages of individualized information.
What now? How do you create separately named documents to, maybe, send as attachments?
Another task might be to convert those 30 docs to PDF. Oh, the hours wasted!

Graham Mayor, a retired newsgroup junkie, offers a solution.
It's a macro that will convert the merged output as individually named doc(x), and/or PDF files.
I've used it, and now wonder what I can do with the time I'm saving.

Merge with Attachments

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<Doug Klippert@ 3:10 AM

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  Thursday, October 01, 2009 – Permalink –

Guided Help

Microsoft to the rescue

Guided Help is a program that you can download from some Microsoft Knowledge Base articles. Depending on the task, Guided Help can automatically perform the task that is described in the article, or Guided Help can guide you through the steps to perform the task yourself.

Guided Help performs the steps by interacting directly with the Microsoft Windows user interface, or by using functions that are included with Guided Help. For steps that interact with the user interface, you see the steps occur on the screen.

For some tasks, you can select to run Guided Help in one of the following ways.
  • Do it automatically: The whole task is automatically completed while you watch. You might be prompted for input if input is required.
  • Show me step-by-step: Guided Help points on the screen to where you must click or type to perform the task.
For Instance:

 Troubleshoot 2007-2003-2002 Word List of articles with Guided Help

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<Doug Klippert@ 3:43 AM

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  Friday, August 14, 2009 – Permalink –

Digital Signatures

How do I know it's real?

If you find a need to provide some sort of certification that your document has not been tampered with and is the rel thing, you might consider a digital signature.

This Microsoft Support article discusses the process.
What is a digital certificate?

What is a digital signature?

What occurs when I use a digital signature?

What Word files can I sign?

How can I obtain a digital signature?
  • Method 1: Obtain a digital certificate from a certification authority
  • Method 2: Create your own digital certificate
    Description of digital signatures and code

    Here's information for Excel.

    Digital Signatures for Excel

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    <Doug Klippert@ 3:00 AM

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      Wednesday, July 01, 2009 – Permalink –

    Word Converters

    Pick a flavor

    There are fewer word processing formats to worry about than there used to be.
    For those that remain, MS Word provides "translators" or converters.

    The following file formats are built into Word.
    • Web page
    • Web page, Filtered
    • Web Archive
    • Plain Text
    • Encoded Text
    • Rich Text Format (RTF)
    • XML
    • Recover Text (import only)
    The following text converters are set to the Run from My Computer installation state.
    • Word 97-2003 & 6.0/95 RTF Converter
    • Recover Text Converter
    • Word 97 for Windows/Word 98 Macintosh
    The following text converters are set to the Installed on First Use installation state
    • WordPerfect 6.x Converter
    • WordPerfect 5.x Converter
    • Microsoft Works for Windows 7.0
    Description of the text converters that are available with Word 2003

    Additional text converters and image filters are available in the Microsoft Office File Converter Pack< See all Topics

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    <Doug Klippert@ 3:49 AM

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      Thursday, April 30, 2009 – Permalink –

    Google from the Help Menu

    Search with Excel, Word, PowerPoint

    Where better to search the Internet for support on an Excel, PowerPoint, or Word problem than through the Help menu?

    Would you like to add Google to that menu?

    Ron de Bruin at has developed free add-ins that does just that.

    "Google Search 6.0/7.0 places a new sub-menu item under the Help menu of whatever program you call it from. When that item is selected, up pops a user-friendly interface. This allows a largely intuitive completion and execution of a Google Search.

    On clicking the Search button a lot goes on behind the scenes.
    • Your default (i.e. your usual) web browser is loaded and, without further instructions,
    • It's off to the Google Advanced Search Page.
    • It then fills in an Advanced Query to your specifications
    • Executes that query.
    • Once results are found (or not found) you are shown those results just as if you had carried out all of the steps of the process."

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    <Doug Klippert@ 3:45 AM

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      Sunday, November 02, 2008 – Permalink –

    Redact That!

    Redact that!

    Weapon of Mass Obfuscation

    "Redaction is the careful editing of a document to remove confidential information.

    The Microsoft Office Word 2003 Redaction Add-in makes it easy for you to mark sections of a document for redaction. You can then redact the document so that the sections you specified are blacked out. You can either print the redacted document or use it electronically.

    Sensitive government documents, confidential legal documents, insurance contracts, and other sensitive documents are often redacted before being made available to the public. With the Word 2003 Redaction Add-in, users of Microsoft Office Word 2003 now have an effective, user-friendly tool to help them redact confidential text in Word documents."

    The redacted document can be protected and saved. The add-in creates a copy of the original, so original material is still available.

    Word Redaction download

    Word 2007 Redaction Tool

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    <Doug Klippert@ 3:39 AM

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      Friday, February 15, 2008 – Permalink –

    Word Math

    An Add-in, of course

    Microsoft has a downloadable add-in for Word called Microsoft Math.

    "To use the add-in, open Word 2007, type Alt-= to create a RichEdit math object, type an equation or expression, and right-click on the equation to see options for solving and graphing within Word."

    Math Word

    Also see:
    Math Add-in

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    <Doug Klippert@ 2:27 AM

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      Thursday, October 25, 2007 – Permalink –

    2003-2007 Compatibility

    Exchange the future and the past

    "Microsoft has added new file formats to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007. To help ensure that you can exchange documents between Microsoft Office releases, Microsoft has developed a Compatibility Pack for the Office Word, Office Excel, and Office PowerPoint 2007 File Formats"

    Use earlier versions of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word to open and save files from 2007 Office programs

    Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007

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    <Doug Klippert@ 6:43 AM

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      Thursday, June 28, 2007 – Permalink –

    Scanner, No Insertions

    2007 is lacking

    You can still scan images into Microsoft Publisher and a few other programs, but not the big three.

    "Yes, unfortunately, the Insert from Scanner and Camera feature was removed in Office 2007.
    This was a difficult call, but I think for the best of the product overall. The feature supported a limited number of scanners and the camera support had not been updated for some time.
    We came to the conclusion that most users would be better off using the software that came with their camera, scanner or even built into Windows, to get their images from their device, to the file system, and then use the Insert Picture command to get them into Office.
    The downside, is that for some users, this feature did work and so will be missed."

    Mark Jaremko, Senior Program Manager

    "The From Scanner or Camera option for adding pictures to a presentation, photo album, or workbook is not available in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 or Microsoft Office Excel 2007.

    Instead, you can add pictures from your camera or scanner by downloading the pictures to your computer first, and then copying them from your computer into PowerPoint or Excel."
    How to insert scanned images in Office 2007

    You could also use the Microsoft Document Imaging/Scanning application.
    About Microsoft Office Document Imaging

    BTW, when the article calls for clicking on the Scan button, it's actually the picture of a scanner.

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    <Doug Klippert@ 6:43 AM

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      Wednesday, May 23, 2007 – Permalink –

    Menus in 2007

    Curmudgeon candy

    I have not tried this product, because I'm forcing myself to eat the dog's food.

    If you can't stand the ribbon, you might want to take a look.

    Bring back the Office 2003 menus and toolbars to your copy of Microsoft Office 2007.

    Frustrated by endless searches for features on the Ribbon? Download and install this software and easily use the familiar main menu, the standard toolbar and formatting toolbar in Office 2007, as you did in Office 2003.

    All new features items of Microsoft Office 2007 have been added into the main menu and toolbars.
    • Classic Menu for Word 2007
    • Classic Menu for Excel 2007
    • Classic Menu for PowerPoint 2007

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    <Doug Klippert@ 6:14 AM

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      Friday, April 06, 2007 – Permalink –

    Getting '07 Reference Guides

    Where'd they hide that thing?

    Wondering where your favorite Word 2003 commands are located in the new Word 2007 interface? Or just want to explore the rich, new design with a little guidance?

    ... rest the mouse pointer over a Word 2003 menu or button to learn its new location in Word 2007. To see an animation of the location of the command or button in Word 2007, just click it.

    Command reference guides for:


    The versions above require an internet connection.
    Below are the links to download the guides to your machine.


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    <Doug Klippert@ 7:42 AM

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      Thursday, April 05, 2007 – Permalink –

    Getting Started with '07

    Ribbon add-in tutorial portal

    Download the Get Started Tab for Word/Excel/PowerPoint 2007 .

    (You'll have to do this separately for each application)

    " This add-in adds a Get Started tab to the Word 2007 Ribbon. Commands on this tab give you easy access to free content on Office Online, such as training courses, video demos, and other Office Online content designed to help you learn Word 2007 quickly.

    An Office Online interactive command mapping tool, also available on the Get Started tab, shows you where to find Word 2003 buttons and commands in Word 2007. Office Online Community discussions are also available directly from Word with this add-in."

    07 Reference Guides

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    <Doug Klippert@ 6:52 AM

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      Tuesday, February 13, 2007 – Permalink –

    Open 2007 with 2003-2000

    Not everyone is going to jump at once

    How to open and to save Word 2007, Excel 2007, and PowerPoint 2007 files in earlier versions of Office
    Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office PowerPoint versions 2000 through 2003 cannot natively open documents that are stored in the Office Open XML Formats in 2007 Microsoft Office programs.

    You can install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats to open or to save 2007 Office files.

    Microsoft Office XP and 2003
    Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

    After you install the Compatibility Pack, you can use your existing version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to open, edit, and save the file formats that are new to Word 2007, Excel 2007, or PowerPoint 2007. For example:
    • You can open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint 2007 files by double-clicking them exactly as you do with your existing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentation(s).
    • You can save Word, Excel, or PowerPoint 2007 files by clicking the Save button in your version of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

    Microsoft Office 2000
    Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

    Word 2000
    • After you install the Compatibility Pack, you can open, edit, and save the document file formats that are new to Word 2007 within Word 2000.
    • You can open files in the formats that are new to Word 2007 by double-clicking the files.
    • You can save files in the formats that are new to Word 2007 by clicking Save in Word 2000.

    Excel 2000 and PowerPoint 2000
    • After you install the Compatibility Pack, you can open and save the file formats that are new to Excel 2007 and to PowerPoint 2007 from the Microsoft Windows operating system.
    • You can open files in the formats that are new to Excel 2007 and to PowerPoint 2007 by double-clicking the file on the desktop, in the My Documents folder, or in Microsoft Windows Explorer.
    • You can save files in the formats that are new to Excel 2007 and to PowerPoint 2007 by right-clicking an Excel 2000 file or a PowerPoint 2000 file and then clicking Save As.

    Compatibility Pack Functions

    Compatibility Pack Download

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    <Doug Klippert@ 7:25 AM

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