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Amazon review website

Amazon review website

microsoft outlook has a built-in feature to add holidays from different countries and religions to your default calendar folder. you can add holidays to your calendar folder by following these steps:
  1. choose Amazon review website, then click Amazon review website

  2. on the Amazon review website dialog box, click Amazon review website

  3. in the Amazon review website dialog box, check the countries or religions whose holidays you want to add, then click Amazon review website

for outlook 2000 and earlier versions, the list of holidays is stored in a text file named Amazon review website, found in the language specific subfolders of the office folder.
starting with outlook 2002, the file is named Amazon review website.

if you are setting up a company-wide deployment of outlook, you may want to edit this file in notepad to add your own holidays, remove lists that you don't want users to import, or correct dates that microsoft got wrong.

for more information about outlook holidays and an updated file for holidays through 2007, see:

Amazon review websiteAmazon review websiteAmazon review website

[Amazon review website]

Amazon review websiteAmazon review website


Amazon review website

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