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  Sunday, August 03, 2008 – Permalink –

Windows Tips and Hints

Both Desktop and Server

Jim Boyce puts out a newsletter that covers various computer topics.

His web site,, has a long list of topics.

Microsoft Windows XP / 2000 Professional Tips

Here are just a few of the 516 Windows desktop items:

  • A Better Calculator
  • Adding Options to the Send To Menu
  • Avoid reinstalling applications after a clean install
  • Changing Icons of Desktop Items and Documents
  • Cloning Your Current Configuration
  • Defrag a drive when not logged on as Administrator
  • Fine-tune Internet Explorer’s behavior
  • Give your middle button a reason to live
  • Lock your workstation with a keystroke
  • Locking Down the Registry
  • Prevent users from shutting down the computer
  • Sharing a dial-up Internet connection
  • Take control of Explorer
  • Taking your notebook home
  • Test your connection speed
  • Use Ctrl for opening folders
  • Use two or more monitors
  • Using the Last Known Good Configuration
  • Working with Safe Mode

(This has not been updated in awhile, but there is still good information.)

[Edited entry from 4/13/2005]

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